Is this What I Signed Up For?

I used to be terrified of vomit. I know. How is that for an opening line? ...more

The 36 Rules of Dinner

These are the rules shared to me by my good friend and business partner Dan R Morris. Today I’m super thankful to share (with permission) his rules of dinner, which, by the way, are universal parenting laws of dinner. Because let me tell you ....more

moving on. why really living means letting go.

I read a post on Single Dad Laughing today that made me stop in my tracks. Like cold stop, heart beating, palms sweating just a bit stop in your tracks. He was so real ....more

on saying goodbye and all the things you wish you could have done.

I woke up with tears in my eyes today. By the time I got to writing these words the tears were no longer in my eyes but were a big stream of memories falling down my face. It hit me in my gut, that deep feeling, that saying goodbye moment ....more

18 Things to Know about Motherhood

These are those little things we all should know so that motherhood doesn’t make us go completely insane. Or at least not at the point where we completely lose all of our marbles. (Which, if you read point five, are hidden between cushions two and three of the couch.) Here are just a couple things […] The post 18 Things to Know about Motherhood appeared first on finding joy ....more

13 Types of Motherhood Days

A collection of typical motherhood days, their frequency and what to expect. 1. I am Mom and Hear Me Roar Days. These are the days when you are on top of your game ....more

seven truths about friendships to remember

I’ll be forty in just under six months. (I think maybe I keep writing it so that it doesn’t seem so shocking when I get there.) And I think I might be finally getting an idea on friendships. After all these years ....more

why I didn’t want to pull up my bootstraps anymore

Who thought of that expression? That and plow through it, keep on keeping on, not quitting the fight, and and on. I start to wonder if they’ve really experienced all those things to begin with ....more

seeing the positive in yourself (from me, the classic over-reactor)

This is me. #blushing Scenario 1: Woman at Target looks at me with a strange look. My Response Internally: What is it about me? ...more

five truths for imperfect moms who love their kids fiercely

Tonight I cried outside on a deck 914 miles from my house. I cried because I missed my kids open house for first and third grade. I missed it because I was working ....more