i just want to be the amazing mom

Sometimes I’m so tired of finding the joy all the time. I’m tired of the schemes and gimmicks and posts and rah rah rah moments that are supposed to be the joy inducing things in life but then morning comes and the alarm goes off and the kids cry mom and the last thing in […] The post i just want to be the amazing mom appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

“never order a salad from a truck stop”

It’s interesting to think of all the wisdom I could give my younger self. Dear 39 year old, Don’t think 40 will be the end of the world. You’ll make it through ....more

the seven happy mom rules

We’re talking about some rules tonight. We’re talking about being a happy mom. And it’s not going to be about doing a whole bunch of stuff that is going to leave you sitting in the bathroom behind the door with tears in your eyes and the kids go crazy and you thinking I can’t handle […] The post the seven happy mom rules appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

why our kids need okay moms

Today I drove back from Northern Minnesota with four boys buckled in my van. There were wrappers on the floor and a dvd playing above and chatter about summer camp as the Minnesota countryside rolled by outside my window. The sky was cloudy, my van rusty, the cruise on and me sitting in there in […] The post why our kids need okay moms appeared first on Finding Joy ....more

the day I thought I failed at motherhood

I’ve failed. I can’t even type that without raw tears falling from my eyes. But that’s what I whispered in the phone ....more

Six Life Lessons to Help Your Kid Survive the First Day of School

I grew up in a military family. And ultimately it was the greatest adventure I could have had. Part of me is sad that I experienced much of the journey as a kid ....more

50 Ways to Ruin Your Preschooler’s Day

Just for fun today. Because, after all, this site is about finding joy and part of that is keeping those preschoolers happy. ~Rachel 1 ....more

No Matter Where Your Kids Go to School Can We Just Get Along?

Deep deep breath. Listen. This is an educational choice into the fire hot topic time of the year ....more

to the mom who forgot her worth

You’ve got this....more

Seven Things to Let Go Of Before School Starts

We’re getting ready to start the crazy schedule again. 1. Guilt – Will you make mistakes? Yes ....more