My Kid's First Tattoo

Ty's first tattoo, ...more

A Letter for Christmas & The Gold Box

Duke pulled Chris & I aside last night.  He had a letter and a box I wrapped in gold wrapping paper for a story telling speech Chris did for his public speaking final.  The story was "The Gold Box" and it was a big deal here because Chris practiced his version of the story every night for a couple weeks.  It's a beautiful story with a sad ending.  I was surprised my husband chose to tell it but knew why he did.  It's the type of reminder all parents need every once in awhile....more

The Strangers in Our Lives.

On days Chris has work, I take Duke to school on the city bus. There's a school bus available in our area but we tried that in the 2nd week of school and Duke didn't like it. Duke's school is a little over a mile from our home but being pregnant, there's no way I could make this trip 4x in one day - especially on days that I work too. As strange as it sounds, I enjoy our little trek. We wake up at 6:15am, get ready and have breakfast before we head out at 7am. Our bus arrives anytime between 7:11am-7:15am....more