Me vs. The Rogue Leg Hair

I was sitting outside on the porch one morning. Fresh from my shower and drinking a cup of coffee, when I happened to look down at my just-shaved legs, and there it was. Incredulously, on the side of my knee, a 1/2" long black hair was blowing in the breeze. WHAT? How could this be? I'd just shaved my legs, and I only had stubble to begin with. I even used a new razor. It never fails, there is always at least one that got away. ...more

It's nice to know that it isn't just me. I was informed today that my mom used to always ...more

Give your dog a Hug

Ten days ago, my cocker spaniel was run over by a car. If you've never witnessed an accident involving an animal, count yourself blessed. And not just any animal, but a devoted furry family member. It's a horrible thing to watch, and even worse to hear the yelping/crying coming from them when they are hurt.  ...more

I am so glad your pup is doing okay! As you may have gathered I live surrounded by animals ...more

Add me as a Newbie:)

Hiya, My name is Christine and I am a newbie. That reads a little 12-stepish, huh? Well, I'm sure I've got at least that many more steps to becoming a good blogger and part of this community. I've been searching through the site and trying to take it all in. I did add a blogher badge to my site, so I guess I'm making progress:) I wish everyone a wonderful day - Take care! Christine ...more