Crockpot Chicken Vegetable Soup

Crockpot Chicken Vegetable SoupIt is so humid here, walking outside is like stepping into a sauna and that makes me want to avoid my kitchen...well, at least my oven. That's why I love my crockpot!Ingredients:...more

Jalapeno Havarti Stuffed Chicken Breast

Jalapeno Havarti Stuffed Chicken Breast with Summer Berry Salad Cheese is one of my favorite things on the planet. It can totally change a meal from blase to amazing! I wanted healthy crsipy chicken. As I was reaching in the refrigerator to grab the chicken breast, I saw my Havarti cheese just waiting to be devoured!Ingredients:...more

Banana Compote

Banana Compote Ahh, things to do with my overly ripe bananas. I wanted to make something sweet, so compote it is. ...more

Sothwestern Stuffed Green Peppers

Southwestern Green Peppers I had these awesome organic green peppers that I needed to use, and something about stuffed green peppers makes me happy! Amelia was not having it. Peppers are not her fav, unless they're chopped and on a pizza....more

15 Things to do with overly ripe bananas

15 Things To Do With Overly Ripe Bananas I despise looking at brown bananas. They look pathetic really, but rather than tossing them there are some great recipes for their use....more

Quinoa-blackbean-ground turkey- avocado toast with wasabi

Quinoa-Black Bean-Ground Turkey-Avacado Toast with Wasabi Oh my goodness! Simply the best lunch ever. This was such a treat; protien, creamy avocado and a bit of wasabi to spice it up. It's fantastic and so easy to throw together.Ingredients:...more

All Natural Stove Top Popped Pop Corn

All Natural Popped Popcorn on the Stove TopTalk about going back to basics! When I read the ingredients on the microwave popcorn I have been feeding my daughter, I decided we would not be purchasing it anymore. She and my husband love popcorn, so I knew we had to keep it in the house....more

Homemade Chips! Non-greasy, No-fat!

Homemade Chips~No fat~any flavor you want!Since implementing our clean eating plan we haven't really missed the things that aren't good for us, exccept chips. I knew that would be the one thing that was the hardest for my husband to give up,But all is not lost, there is an alternative to purchasing the high fat potato chips in the stores....more

Gluten Free Corn Tortillas for Ground Turkey Soft Tacos

Corn Tortillas for Ground Turkey Soft TacoI wanted to make homemade corn tortillas. I have made gluten free flour tortillas in the past and, they are fantastic. So, corn couldn't be that hard. There are a few recipes out there that use just plain corn flour. Um. I am not sure how they do that, mine were a crumbly mess!...more

Chunky Marinara

Chunky Marinara Sauce I have always wanted to try ground turkey, because I am not a huge red meat eater. But, I could never convince my husband to give up his beef and replace with a healthier alternative. So I decided to just do it. First, we tried Turkey burgers; lucky for me little Miss will eat anything....more