Shakeology, THEE Weight Loss Maintenance Game Changer!

This was me about two years ago. About one year after I had my son. I worked hard for those results, they may not look like much to you but I could not believe what I was able to do with A LOT of hard work ....more

I Tried Shakeology: Here’s What Happened

I’ll admit I was scared to try Shakeology for the first time. I’m not sure why exactly. It took many months after being introduced to it before I convinced myself to JUST TRY IT! ...more

What IS Shakeology Anyway?

What exactly IS Shakeology? Great question! Shakeology (Shake-O) is a nutrient dense meal replacement shake, a vitamin and can even be considered a “whole food” ....more

21 Day Shakeology Challenge! September 5th

Hi there! So you are interested in joining the 21 Day Shakeology Challenge, to start FALL off right — but you would like to know more about what to expect. Keep reading everything you want to know is below ....more

FEAR, There’s Something Behind You & I Want It!

Insecurity is debilitating. It stops us from being and doing the very things we were created to do. As I move into this wonderful new opportunity as a Fitness Coach and essentially a business owner… with intentions to help myself and other women reach their health and fitness goals, I find the doubt and self-deprecation to be suffocating ....more

Are You A Vain Mommy?

Who is a Vain Mommy? Good question, I’ve put a lot of thought into what defines a Vain Mommy. “She is a woman who BOLDLY pursues SELF CARE, without GUILT.” VAIN is a strong word, with negative connotation, but I chose to use the word VAIN because it’s on the other end of the spectrum ....more

I Lived. I Learned: Completely New Mom the 2nd Time Around

Did your birthing and parenting views evolve or change completely with each pregnancy or birth?...more

Depression, Pregnancy and Meds

This past weekend my good friend totally surprised me with the most beautiful baby shower! It’s my first shower, I didn’t have one with my first pregnancy because I was too ill (in my opinion) and really didn’t want to be seen by anyone and I definitely didn’t want to be the center of attention. Self-conscious and low self-esteem are under statements ....more

Fighting Depression with Fitness

I’ve been a long time “fitness chaser” or someone who would do anything to be skinny. It started back in middle school… The unhealthy ways trying to starve myself skinny, it continued into high school. I tried any crash diet I saw in a magazine, ...more

Preschool Dropout! Why We Took Our Child Out of Pre-School

Of course I don’t believe that my child is too cool for school, but I couldn’t resist! Last week Greg and I made the hard decision to withdraw Ari from a lovely school. Ari is three and was attending two half-days a week ....more