It’s ME not YOU: Understanding Your Friends Anxiety

I know, anxiety is really hard to understand for those of you who have never had to deal with it. I’m talking about anxiety that make talking on the phone difficult and makes eye contact feeling like a literal death stare. I came across one of the best inventions for us anxiety suffers!...more

{VIDEO} Broken Plans: Depression and Anxiety After Pregnancy

Well you all… the video’s from the Listen To Your Mother Show, have officially been released and here is my video. Me reading my essay “Reality Has Its Own Plans”. I still can’t believe that I did this but I sure am thankful that I did ....more

Rambling Life Update: Balance & Strength

It has been too long since I’ve posted here. I often find the inspiration for posts but rarely find the time to actually complete said posts. I’m embarrassed and slightly amused at the number of drafts waiting to be completed ....more

Presence, is the Best Present I Can Give my Child

I sit online, scrolling Amazon and Zulily for the perfect toy. A toy that is educational that will teach him, a toy that will bring him joy. How have I forgotten what he not only needs but WANTS most is me ....more

My first Mother’s Day With-OUT, Postpartum Depression!

I forget — well, maybe I don’t realize — or maybe I’ve suppressed the memories of how sick I was. This was my first Mother’s Day without Postpartum Depression (PPD) looming over my head, daring me to feel the joy of motherhood. But, this Mother’s Day was nothing short of amazing ....more

I Don’t Know What my Blog is About — It’s Gods Fault!

What the heck is this blog about? Can you tell? What can my readers expect from VainMommy? ...more

{VIDEO} My Video With Aetna: It Only Takes A Minute #PPD

You all! I had the amazing honor of being Aetna’s featured mom...more

Jack Of All Trades: I Can Rap Too! #WarriorMomRap

I won’t say much here — I’ll let the video speak for itself. But I can’t think of a better reason to make an absolute fool of myself — AND have fun doing it, than raising awareness of Postpartum Depression and disorders like it! I mean… it is THE MOST COMMON COMPLICATION OF CHILDBIRTH for goodness sake! ...more

Why I Do What I Do: The Day After Listen To Your Mother Atlanta #ltym…

In the days leading up to the Atlanta Listen To Your Mother Show (LTYM), I found myself wondering… “Why the heck am I doing this to myself”… I hate public speaking… Gosh, I didn’t couldn’t even walk down the aisle at my own wedding. I was afraid to share my blog! What posses me to get up on stage and share the scariest time of my life with strangers? ...more

Bikini Prep: Trusting Yourself. Trusting the Process

#TheStruggleIsReal #JustSaying Here it is roughly three weeks into April and I am just about ready to rethink my aspiration of becoming a NPC Bikini Competitor. Some days I wake up and look in the mirror and feel like a freaking rock star. Other ...more