Celebrating Jesus in Chanukah: Day One

Pictures Coming Soon This year will be our first official Chanukah! We’ve had a few...more

12 Week Transformation Results!

You may remember me mentioning that I was participating in a 12 Week Body Transformation. Well I did it and here are my results AND the require 500 word “story” the was to be submitted! I must say I am really proud of myself even though I did not officially win ....more

2 Ingredient Home-Made Almond Milk!

I did it! I made Almond Milk, at home all by myself. Actually Ari was my sous chef ....more

Protected: Dear God: A New “Column” with Daphne Richardson

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: ...more

I Beat Postpartum Depression: Life After Zoloft

Sharing that picture of MY pill bottle with MY medication inside caused an unexpected bone-chilling effect in me. You all know that I had postpartum depression but something about this picture makes it real and true?? I feel naked– I tell you, mental health stigma is real, even against myself ....more

Taking Our Places: A New Parenting Documentary Directed By Ana Sofia Joanes

I’m screaming over here!! I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Producer and Director Ana Sofia Joanes. ...more

The Day My Toddler Said The N-Word: For The First Time

I remember it like it was yesterday… well because it was. October 27th 2014. Throughout the day I thought I heard Ari say the N-word ....more

Toddler Memory Verse: The Lord is My Shepherd

I was browsing through the Kindle library and stumble across a FREE (I’m on much needed a spending/buying fast) ebook book that gave a list of memory verses for toddlers. Greg and I both agreed from day one that we wanted Ari to know God in a very personal way and we understand the value of sharing even little bits and pieces of God with Ari each day ...more

Homemade Finger Paint For Babies and Toddlers

Hi there–Here’s a little back-story on why I decided to make paint in the first place BUT if you are in a rush you can jump on down to the easy-peasie recipe What are we gonna do today?! ...more

EASY Pumpkin Spice Latte!

It’s fall. You can’t deny it. All the ladies have pulled out their boots and scarves and Trader Joe’s has EVERYTHING available in pumpkin flavor! ...more