I Lived. I Learned: Completely New Mom the 2nd Time Around

Did your birthing and parenting views evolve or change completely with each pregnancy or birth?...more

Depression, Pregnancy and Meds

This past weekend my good friend totally surprised me with the most beautiful baby shower! It’s my first shower, I didn’t have one with my first pregnancy because I was too ill (in my opinion) and really didn’t want to be seen by anyone and I definitely didn’t want to be the center of attention. Self-conscious and low self-esteem are under statements ....more

Fighting Depression with Fitness

I’ve been a long time “fitness chaser” or someone who would do anything to be skinny. It started back in middle school… The unhealthy ways trying to starve myself skinny, it continued into high school. I tried any crash diet I saw in a magazine, ...more

Preschool Dropout! Why We Took Our Child Out of Pre-School

Of course I don’t believe that my child is too cool for school, but I couldn’t resist! Last week Greg and I made the hard decision to withdraw Ari from a lovely school. Ari is three and was attending two half-days a week ....more

Pregnant… Again!

My goodness, it has been so long since I’ve posted here. I’m preparing for my afternoon nap, wrapped in a towel straight from the shower with a mug of Chamomile tea that was gifted to me in a care package from my amazing friends… and a shocking thought came to me! I should post to my blog! ...more

On The Other Side of 30!

Earlier this month, on August 11 to be exact. I turned THIRTY! #LeosRule! ...more

It’s ME not YOU: Understanding Your Friends Anxiety

I know, anxiety is really hard to understand for those of you who have never had to deal with it. I’m talking about anxiety that make talking on the phone difficult and makes eye contact feeling like a literal death stare. I came across one of the best inventions for us anxiety suffers!...more

{VIDEO} Broken Plans: Depression and Anxiety After Pregnancy

Well you all… the video’s from the Listen To Your Mother Show, have officially been released and here is my video. Me reading my essay “Reality Has Its Own Plans”. I still can’t believe that I did this but I sure am thankful that I did ....more

Rambling Life Update: Balance & Strength

It has been too long since I’ve posted here. I often find the inspiration for posts but rarely find the time to actually complete said posts. I’m embarrassed and slightly amused at the number of drafts waiting to be completed ....more

Presence, is the Best Present I Can Give my Child

I sit online, scrolling Amazon and Zulily for the perfect toy. A toy that is educational that will teach him, a toy that will bring him joy. How have I forgotten what he not only needs but WANTS most is me ....more