Casey Anthony "Forgive her, as the Lord forgave you".

.If Casey did kill her daugher or not,I think we should let her family have paz,nothing will bring Caleey back,only one thing i know for sure,Caleey was an angel and she will have eternal life.Only God can judge Casey,we must trust on our Salvatior....more

"A condom doesn't protect against cancer"

A condom doesn't protect against cancer....more

"foods that can prevent cancer"


What men most appreciate in a woman?


.Those who worry about the easy access of children and adolescents to sexual content on the Internet have gained a more disturbing reason: the computer security company Symantec Corp....more

"Cancer Cure" ?{anona, graviola,chirimoya,fruta do conde}

> The anona the fruit Cherimoya tree, fruit of the count or soursop is a miraculous product ...more

Your last day!!!!

.your last day!!!!!!!!!!What would you do????If you knew ???????:YOU ONLY HAVE ONE MORE DAY TO LIVE ????????? But do not lie, answer honestly ......more

If we knew when it would be our last day, would make a big difference in our lives.It's not ...more

"Favela Wars "( Brazil)


Mom, little by little I have to let you go...R.I.P 03.26.2011


Every time that I smile,
Every time that I sigh,
I think of your face,
And a tear escapes my ...more