Heart Attack

I had a startling personal expierence regarding heart attacks.  I had one, November 17th, 2007.  My left anterior descending artery was 85% clogged.  My cholesterol was sky high.What is startling about that is, that 4 months prior to that heart attack my cholesterol, lipids, all blood work was better than the doctor I was seeing....more

The Knotted Branch

Hello! Kat here of The Knotted Branch.  I've belonged to BlogHer for a couple years I do believe, but have yet to get into blogging due to life.  :) Now I find myself wanting to blog here to keep those who know us and our mission updated on our progress as well as my ramblings on life and the such.First blog I wish to thank all the folks at our facebook group Coffee and Cabs, you have been a highlight in both mine and Dennis' life and at a time when we need it the most. :)...more