Growing up

School has started.  For me and my child: Senior year.  When I was in high school, it was an exciting time.  Almost an adult but not quite.  I would not say it was the best time of my life (if it was, then it would be quite sad, since I believe that the best time is always the present). But besides being exciting, I find it quite stressful.  Looking at what colleges to apply to, what financal aid packages to fill out and the most stress is that this time next year, he will be alway at college.  Will he be ok? Will he make friends?...more

10000 steps

I joined a study for inactive women (which I am sorry to say that I qualified for this).  I need to walk 10000 steps a day.  Do you realize that walking 10000 steps is not easy.  I finally found a good formula walk to / from work.  Walk during lunch and walk after work.  One thing is that I found that I am looking at the pedometer to see how many steps I have taken.  ...more

Aging and Karma

I must admit, part of me find it sucky to be growing older.  The aches and pains is not the part,the part that I find depressing is hearing about old friends having terminal illness.  I must admit, I haven't been that great of a friend.  My ex-husband, my children, my family took first priority and when I find out that a friend has cancer, it makes me sad.  Hindsight can be a b####. She is really a trooper....more