Rape. Let me break it down...

Imagine that I am a millionaire and you are not. One day we are out shopping and I don't have any cash or cards on me, so I ask you to give me £100 until later. You say no for whatever reason you want to imagine. I get angry that you refused my request, I am a millionaire after all! I could buy the whole damn shop if I wanted to! To punish you for saying no, I take your money. Financially I don't need it, but I'm teaching you a lesson for saying no - because I can. Besides, who would believe you, a pauper over me, a millionaire....more

To the restaurant owner that gave a $5 discount for a 'well behaved child'

I understand that you tried to do a good thing. I understand that you earn a living based upon the pleasant dining experiences of your patrons. I understand that a 'badly behaved' child makes your staff's jobs that little bit harder. When you gave the family a $5 discount for dining with their 'well behaved child', you made their day, but you made my life that little bit harder, and heres how:...more

Happy Mother's Day to the Special Needs Mother

Happy Mother's Day to the Mother who may never have heard her child say "I love you". Happy Mother's Day for the mother who's child is physically incapable of buying a card, or who doesn't have the mental capacity to understand what today is about. Happy Mother's Day to the Mothers who won't get to relax and rest today, because they don't get to relax and rest ever. ...more

Why I hate autism awareness month

I have a child with autism. ...more