Woes of a Mother in Almost Tweenland

It’s already starting to happen. I didn’t think it would affect me that much because I like to think I’m centered. Um, yeah. My daughter is on the verge of becoming a tween. That magical time when (girls especially) explore their identity by clinging ever-so-tightly to their friends’ likes, dislikes, and whims as the basis for who they want to be. It’s frightening....more

Not According to Plan

Do you ever feel like your life suddenly has no trajectory? Do you feel like the things you’ve been trying to make happen, just aren’t happening? Or maybe they’re happening not like you wanted?Yeah, I’m right there with you.I’m currently out of work. No projects on the horizon, which means no pay checks....more

Should We Be Concerned or Pissed Off?

Things seem to be a bit out of wack lately, don’t you think? I mean, there was the political ping-pong match with the whole debt thing between the right and left while we waited to see if someone would DO something. Then, there’s the stock market spiral into the toilet. And we sit here again, watching our 401K plans or IRAs dwindle down to $2.00. ...more


This week may be your lucky week. Why? Because I’m holding a contest all week for my readers (all 7 of you!)!! Whoo hooo! To enter, simply follow the directions below:1) Download my FREE eBookGo here:Smashwords – Stupid Poetry(You can download in a variety of formats: pdf, Kindle, ePub, etc.) 2) Choose Your Favorite Poem...more

In Search of Money

  Have you ever dreamt about what you would do with $1 Million if it happened to plop down into your lap unexpectedly? Or have you ever wished that a long, lost rich uncle dies and leaves you his entire $5 Million estate? We've all had a money fantasy like that. Unfortunately, for most of us windfalls like this are not a reality....more
Great blog! I think a lot of people entertain the $1-million dollar question you asked and have ...more

What Is Important?

 Ever feel like you’re running around on some tricked out treadmill with turbo boosters but you’re not really going anywhere? Ever feel so stressed out that you forget common courtesy? Like remembering to thank someone for a kindness, call a friend in need, or dare I say, take care of yourself?...more

The Number 1 Rule of Parenting

Parenting is hard. Well, if you want to raise children who become useful members of society. There are approximately 615,224,001 books on parenting, everything from getting your baby to sleep at night to teaching your children origami (if that’s what you want to teach your kid). I am here to suggest that you throw all your parenting books away, don’t listen to any advice (especially from your parents), and stop fretting about whether you are a good parent. There is only one rule you need as a parent:...more

I Am Not Your Social Event Coordinator!

I'm officially quitting my job.Not my paying job or even my job as a parent, although I wish I could do that sometimes. I am no longer going to be “the playdate coordinator” for my eight year-old daughter. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons and I should tell you as a mature parent that it is because I want my daughter to be more responsible and learn how to manage her time but really it’s because I’M SICK OF IT!...more

I have a five year-old son too who is just now starting to bug me for playdates with his ...more

12 Dumb Ideas for Blog Posts

I was sitting here trying to come up with an idea for a blog post. Of course, I Googled, "blog post ideas" and got a whole lot of crap. By crap, I mean lists of lists. Basically, everyone regurgitated the same stuff on their blogs of what other people could write about on their blogs. But nowhere did I see a list of what NOT to write about on your blog.This is where I come in folks. I'm here to help you by telling you some very dumb ideas for blog posts. Ready? Okay. Here we go:...more

Why Writing is Like Fight Club

If you were to die right now how would you feel about your life?" says Tyler Durden."I don't know! I wouldn't feel anything good about my life!" says the Narrator.... ... ... ... ... ... ..."Stop trying to control everything and just. let. go. LET GO!" says Tyler Durden.Watch the scene here.... ... ... ... ... ... ......more