You can never tell when depression will hit

Right now we are packing up the old house and getting ready to move into our new beautiful and much bigger house. This should be a time of excitement and joy and laughs and reminiscing. But you never know when depression is going to strike. ...more

Love yourself more

There are some things that I'll always regret in my life, like the time I could have had to just be in love. Going to the park just to walk around and be together, spending days in bed just completely fixated on one another. Being a stepparent right off the bat after falling in love doesn't give you many options when it comes to having time together. I am slowly realizing that I am definitely not alone on this plain though. More and more single women are falling in love with a men already scorned, divorced and with children and the numbers just keep on getting bigger....more

Couples who are friendless.

So Cian and I were having a talk about the future and what not and realized we don't have one single friend between the two of us. Now this isn't including the occasion "friend" we go out with for drinks I don't know, once every 3 months. I'm talking about people we hang out with on a regular basis, a best friend if you will. I've never been one to stay friends with the people I went to school with, either we weren't close enough, didn't share the same interests or they moved away....more

Perfect Non-bake cookies

I always forgot how to make these perfectly so they didn't fall apart and harden correctly. So I had to do a some test runs to get it just right. so...Fool Proof No-Bake cookies...more
perfect for people like me who loves cookies but doesn't like baking. lolsmore

Fizzy Bath salts

I decided to make some Fizzy Bath Salts, my combination of bath salts and bath bombs. Here was my dilemma. I hated how bath salts didn't dissolve fast enough and annoyed your ass, so I tried bath bombs. Bath bombs are just annoying, they stay in one place and don't get every where in the bath. So I decided to combine them to make my own personal bath salts. This way the fizz from the bath bomb mixture helps dissolve the salts and make them effervesce so the soothing smell hits you right away, but they get spread around throughout the entire bath....more

My Sad day

I'm not looking for sympathy here, just telling you how it went down. So, a couple of days ago...We received word from our Realtor that an inspection needed to be done this week. It doesn't seem like too big a deal, but we just put down some earnest money out of pocket and paid rent on our apartment we already live in. We didn't have the money to cover it. Swimming in payday loans, gifts and stringed along hopes, we realized we couldn't get the money to pay this one little thing that had to be done....more

So here's the deal...

This is a bit of a rant......more

Happy First Anniversary!

A year ago today... I started this blog. I posted my first blog post. I started something wonderful. ...more
Happy Bloggversary! Cheers to blogging!more