I pulled off Santa's Beard.

Clearly I'm on some subconscious Grinch rampage. Is there a rehab for this? Preferably in Malibu?Anyway the school Christmas party was today, and like everyone else we were pumped to show our Christmas spirit. At least, I thought I was, until our alarm went off an hour late. Who would have thought that a late night zoo trip would come back to bite us in the rear?Clearly not this mom....more

I have a see through shower curtain.

To put it mildly, I'm never alone.It's not completely unusual to open my eyes after a good shampoo and rinse to see two tiny figures gazing back at me. In Hollywood world, this sounds like the beginning to a classic Hitchcock film, but nope. This is my life. You know how you always see those E cards about dads getting alone time in the bathroom and moms getting none? Well they're funny because they are freaking real. Moms all over the world are chuckling to themselves, because alone time just doesn't exist....more

Identity Crisis

  When I was a kid, I would lock myself in my room, roll up a t-shirt to look like a tube top, and I'd put on lipstick that I wasn't allowed to wear....more

Where's the missing piece to the Anti-bullying puzzle?

Okay, so tonight on my way home from work, I heard a PSA regarding bullying. You know the one. The one about "today in chemistry I learned that I was ugly" and so on a so forth. Now I totally am on board with the whole anti bullying  mentality. In fact, I think it's an amazing message to spread world peace and kindness, but where's the other piece of the puzzle? Why in the world has everyone forgotten the most important part? Why in the hell are we letting everyone around us determine our self worth?...more


I always envied the girls who could just wake up beautiful. You know, like those girls at church camp who wouldn't shower for 4 days and still have perfectly curly curls, unlike me, who would wake up with my usually perfectly curled C shape bangs sticking straight up and the rest of my hair stringy like last weeks' spaghetti.I didn't get it then, and I still don't get it now? Why in the world is beauty for some so darn simple?...more

I have the utmost respect for Missionaries

I have the utmost respect for Missionaries....more