Girls’ Day Out

So, in spite of the appearance of my fun pinterest posts and cute Christmas tree photos, the last couple weeks have been really challenging. There is a lot going on here at the homefront, and I’ve found myself waking up apprehensive about what they day will bring. There has been quite a bit of tension for various reasons, the details I will spare you mostly because two certain 8 year olds would never forgive me when they are two certain 16 year olds if I shared it ....more

Pinterest Win! Wine Bottles & Photo Transfers

I’m getting used to this whole “I don’t have homework” thing pretty quickly. This morning I went to the gym, for the second time this week. Crazy! ...more

And Now, A Tree

The first week of December has come and gone, and since I passed my final comprehensive exam Wednesday this weekend seemed like a good time to Christmas up the house! It was windy and it was cold, but going to a tree farm and actually selecting and cutting down your own tree is a tradition my husband takes pretty seriously. I tried to be all “It’s cool, you can just do homework and I’ll take the kids to Home Depot to pick out a tree”, but that was just not going to happen ....more

Eight is Great!

Happy Birthday to our little Bug! She turned Eight yesterday: This sweet girl has had her Daddy wrapped around her finger from Day One. And eight years later I have to say one of my favorite things in the whole world is still watching how these two light up when they are around each other ....more

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! We spent our day at Grandma & Grandpa’s house. Dean used a new fancy oil-less cooker to “fry” the turkey ....more

Plan Ahead & Buy Home-Made: Aubrey’s Knit Shop

It’s Thanksgiving Eve!! I hope you all have had time to check out the two shops I shared on Monday and Tuesday between all the preparatory Thanksgiving activities. And today I am sharing the shop of a young entrepreneur……Aubrey! ...more

Plan Ahead & Buy Home-Made: Busy Being Me

Thanksgiving week continues to march forward! And I continue to be vastly unprepared for my final exam on December 3rd! But the good news is I am super excited to be done with my clinical hours AND I have another favorite small business to share with all of you…..and a discount code for all! ...more

Plan Ahead & Buy Home-Made: Military Apparel Giveaway

In case you missed my latest post over on The Army Wife Network, it went a little something like this: Plan ahead, people. PLAN. AHEAD ....more

Happy Birthday, Dean!

Yesterday, we celebrated! All 35 years of wonderful, and I get to keep him forever. Happy Birthday, Dean ....more

Happy Halloween 2014

This Halloween we had a Harry Potter, a Ninja, a “Ranger’s Apprentice” (it’s a book) and another Ninja! I wasn’t trying to be a Halloween party pooper or anything, but we literally have two GIANT BINS full of costumes. So this year I told the kids they could be whatever they wanted….as long as it was something out of the bins ....more