Once upon a time, there was a little Pudah. And today, he enters the realm of Teenager. 13 years old ....more

Being True

The truth is, not everyone really likes...more


Today, the biggest kid in our family is turning 16. SIXTEEN. As in Years ....more

Exploring the Ditch

About a week ago my girls spotted some of our neighbor friends exploring a ditch near the front of our neighborhood as we drove past. Since then they have asked me more than once “when can we go explore the stream (ditch)??”...more

4th of July 2015

Our 4th of July was a very laid-back day, which ended on the lawn of Trophy Point listening to music and watching fire works. But without a doubt my favorite part of the experience was when they marched the newest class of West Point cadets past the crowd and down to their seats. These young people have set their lives on a path of honor, service, and sacrifice at a level most of us will never quite understand ....more


After a pretty brutal winter, I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the mild summer weather we’ve experienced so far. There has been a lot of rain the last few weeks, but it is nice that when it is not raining the temperature hasn’t been...more

DIY Harry Potter Magic Family Clock

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you might remember a clock that was part of the magically-fabulous Weasley Family’s house that kept track of the location of each family member instead of telling time? If you’re not a Harry Potter Fan……well……I’m not even sure what to say about that. You can go now ....more

Still Here!

We are all alive and well, just busier than I thought possible! I expected to have lots more time when school ended. And the truth is, I DO have more free time ....more

Graduation Day

This past weekend graduate school Officially came to an end. We made the drive down to D.C., stopping to drop the kiddos off with grandparents. (Don’t worry, they weren’t disappointed about missing the ceremony cause they got to go to the circus instead!) I love being on a long car-drive with my husband when we just get to talk ....more


Today, Vi is Nine Years Old! Yesterday she celebrated with a few friends. Pajamas, pizza, cake and popcorn, movies, t-shirts, and painted nails ....more