Cinnamom Raisin Couscous

It is Fall everywhere in the world, and everywhere in the world they are celebrating it differently. I am not sure what my fellow Lebanese are doing back home but I am well aware of what my fellow Americans are up to these days: apples, pumpkins, pies! How I miss pies, and pumpkins, and cookies, and Fall back in the US. Had we been there, we would probably be going to an Autumn Harvest festival, to a pumpkin patch or to apple picking. We might be meeting up with friends, pairing up the girls, and toting the younger ones....more

The way we roll

We are not new to not having a car. When we lived in Portland, OR, we decided to sell the car the summer we got married. When we moved to VA we were without wheels for over a year and made great use of the public transportation system. Of course it had its faults and many times we were not impressed by the operation but we lived and worked within walking distance from the metro station and really had little need for a car....more

Little Hands

Thoughts on Things

I sit here and ponder. The sun has not risen yet, the rest of the family is still in bed. It is nearly 7 in the morning and the only sound I hear is that of the refrigerator starting and stopping, my fingers tapping on the keyboard. In the distance a dog barks. It is quiet all around....more

Lamb and Quince Tagine ~ a Moroccan Classic

I have been here over a month now and all I hear about is tagine this and tagine that. Every time I go to the butcher and ask for a cut of meat, he asks if it is for tagine. Until yesterday I always responded with a "no."...more

A day in Ifrane

My days here start like they did back home: in the kitchen. I wake up and the first thought that comes to mind is "what's for dinner?" The next is "how about lunch?" Only later do I think of what I want to have for breakfast. Only after everyone is taken care of do I begin to think of myself. ...more

Tfaya ~ my first Moroccan dish

In the few weeks since we have been here, JR, Yousef and I have joined Jeff for lunch at the faculty restaurant every Friday. And, every Friday we have been served the classic couscous with its many variations: meat, chicken or vegetarian. As it turns out Fridays are the couscous days. The heaping bowl of carbs, protein and fiber is topped with a mouthwatering ladle of an onion concoction. At first I was not sure what it was, but then I dissected the ingredients and brought it down to onions, sugar, raisins and an assortment of spices. I decided to try it at home from memory....more

Our life in Morocco ~ Where we live

We made it to our new locale. Now, let me show you around. First stop: our apartment. Walk the length of the pathway to our building. It is building 6. Look up to the right and see our apartment from below. It is the one with the shutters open on the last floor. It is apartment 9. ...more