You're Asking For My Advice?

As you may already know, I have a "Tell Raquel" section, it's where I encourage you to write in with your relationship troubles. I find other people's relationships compelling, maybe it was too much Carrie Bradshaw or too much of being horrified by my sister's relationship picks (first one of her friends to tell her I said this wins a special prize). Since my last Tell Raquel post about my friend Melissa ~ Is This Guy For Real? , things have been quiet....more

Sunday Snapshot

Sundays are meant for being lazy Saddles are optional.Smiles are required. Relaxing is a must. Raquel ...more

And We Are Off

Happy Friday everyone, hope you are enjoying what is left of it & have an amazing weekend ahead of you. Tomorrow finally brings on the start of the spring/summer horse show season. I am so excited for tomorrow!I have an early morning ahead of me, a long day in cowboy boots & lots time will be spent in the saddle. There will be plenty of photos to follow & lots of twitter updates @CityMeetCountry...more

My Top 5 Sundae Toppers

Warm weather is finally starting to break & there is no better warm weather companion than ice cream. What's better than just ice cream? Ice cream sundaes please -- I am going to share my top 5 sundae toppers. They are all simple, quick & delicious. I threw an ice cream sundae party the other day & here is what I made. 1. Sweet Orange Glaze & Coconut Sundae 2. Strawberries & Cream Sundae 3. S'more Sundae 4. Blackberry Chocolate Sundae 5. Peanut Butter Pretzel Sundae ...more

All of these look absolutely FABULOUS!!more

Now Craving

 I hope everyone is having a great Saturday, the sun is shining & the grass is getting greener. It's a new day & I am in love with another handbag. This Kate Spade Paley Paisley Small Karen bag is on my wish list....more

Monday's Cowboy Boots of the Day

Happy Monday, I had such a busy weekend that I am looking forward to a slower day today. I was doing lots of rearranging & I realized my Pistachio Lucchese boots have not been getting enough attention. So here they are, with a matching bb simon belt as well....more

It Should Be Over

"Does he make you happy?" - Friend 1  "Uhhhh well, not really. I'm sure I will stop dating him eventually." - Friend 2...more

Morning Headaches

I'm not sure why strangers always feel compelled to tell you their relationship problems or general problems. I think people who tend to do this are insecure, they feel judged by their own friends & family. Before you know it; you become a non paid, undervalued therapist....more

A Month of Side Dishes: Simple Rosemary Garlic Potatoes

Tonight I opted to make some very simple & delicious rosemary garlic potatoes that say I spent a lot of time on this... but really they were in the oven the whole time while I was online shopping....more

Do You Want Me Now?

Some people just don't know when they are going too far. FACT - Desperation is never attractive! It never has been & it never will be. A couple of months ago I did a post on my ehhh 'virtual friend' Trevor. Please refer to Too Much Intensity if you need a refresher or are not familiar with our very lonely, clingy & needy Trevor....more