Defining A Generation Who Wants More: The Awakening of Our Spirit

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Boys are so much Easier ...

                 During one of the last meetings in my last year at M.O.P.S, Mothers of Pre-Schoolers, I sat juggling my five year old daughter's crying fit over not being included in a game while fumbling to find and fix my one year old daughter's Velcro hair ribbons when a mother leaned over and whispered, "Aren't boy's so much easier than girls?"...more

Expose Yourself: Unconditional Friendship

 “Expose Yourself” ...more

Take a Risk, Try Acting! Theater is Freedom!

Take a Risk ... Try Acting!Exposed thoughts on Theater from a Newbie 38 year old single mom with NO acting experience! ...more

Troubled Teen? Be the Lighthouse!

“ … be the Lighthouse.”Because sometimes, healing yourself is the only way to stand strong for them.   ...more

Insider Secrets to Debt Collectors! Don't be a victim!

Insider Secrets RevealedFrom the other side of the "This call is an attempt to collect a debt!"                Whether you've got enormous debt and are avoiding the phone ringing, or if you've just received a shocking call about a gas bill you swore you paid ... here's an insider's truth as I was actually a debt collector!...more

Cell Phone Carrier Secrets Revealed!

Insider Secrets RevealedSecrets of Cell Phone Providers, Creditor's, and more!As a sales rep for a leading wireless communications company, I learned a lot of the tricks of the trade, and my no longer being employed there is now your benefit in my tell all, secrets revealed!1.)           Sales people at retail cellular stores do not make a commission on your cell phone!...more

Middle Child Syndrome Cured by Oreo's!

     By the time she was nine years old my oldest daughter was giving speeches in local schools as a well known little "Paleontologist," complete with slide show's and business cards.  She was not a typical little girl with pretty pink bows and lacy dresses, but rather was the only girl on an all boy flag football team.  She read with a passion and studied any kind of culture she could get her hands on.  She was advanced and I spent hours and hours loving every minute of it with all the attention I could afford her....more

Two Gifts

As a young tween I was madly in love with Hemingway and Poe; forget the Captain of the basketball team or even being popular for that matter....more