Have Water, Will Boat

To me, boating is a way of life. Yes, it's a fun activity and yes it's something friends and family can share together, but really, it's a lifestyle. There is an unspoken code between boaters (the good ones! ...more

Good Men Are Only Sex Addicts To Their Wives

the face of a man who would never claim "sex addiction" ... to anyone but me of course. As I was browsing my daily news site for enthralling inspiring uplifting and encouraging headlines (ha) I came across a story on Tiger Woods ....more


We all know what time it is...almost boating season. Summer. Hot weather ....more

I Don't Think I'm Better Than Anybody...Except For You, You and You.

my #selfie is so much better than yours People in the drive thru lane whom once you get your food, still don't move forward until you unwrap your straw and stick it in your drink, pass around all your filthy children's individual fry orders and make sure your special order burger only has two pickles instead of three. See, no. Move already gosh dammit! ...more

Another Stitch Fix Win

Another month, another Stitch Fix post. If you didn't know yet, Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service for regular ol' people like us. Once a month, you get shipped five items, all personally chosen for you based on an extensive style questionnaire you fill out ....more

A Response To That Viral Birthday Invite

If you've been around the internets lately, have a Facebook account or an interest in really silly people, you've probably read the viral story heard 'round the world about a mom who wrote a detailed email about what gifts she would and would not accept for her son's first birthday party. I know I'm a little late to the party (pun intended, and had I gotten that email in my inbox, I wouldn't have shown up at all!) but the more and more I thought about it, the more I just had to voice my opinion. (Because bloggers always have to have a say, didn't you know?) In case you missed it, below is the original email (or you can click here to read the full story): I'm still not completely sold that this story is the truth and not just a hoax ....more

I Love My Cat And So Does God.

Peep laying with my youngest when he was sick I had something in mind to blog about today however something happened yesterday that I feel I just need to share....more

If Busy Was A Crown I'd Wear It

You know how when people say they are busy busy busy and wear it like a badge of honor? Like, we should all be so envious that you are terrible at time management skills. Maybe next time brag about how superior you are at extracting ear wax or how well you fold your panties into perfect squares ....more

Life Lately...And Why I'm Inspired To Blog Again!

- Blogging. For the longest while, I just wasn't into it. I remember first starting out and loving it and then really loving it and then getting a high from it and then slowly descending until I dreaded it ....more

Easter on the West Side

We had a great Easter this year! Celebrated at my grandpa's house as usual and other than the freezing warning threatening 1-3 inches of snow popping up on my phone, it was totally radical. We attended Easter church Saturday night, which was kinda cool in that I didn't have to get up early on Sunday but kinda weird being that hardly anyone was there...however kinda cool wins in my book 'cause getting up early is not on my short list of fun things to do ....more