A Few Things Before The Weekend

- Stitchfix kicked it out of the park this month! I asked for a cute cropped jean jacket and a cute cropped jean jacket is what I got! I can't wait to wear it this summer with my bikini and Uggs!...more

We're Only Mean Girls If You Push Our Buttons

"You can't sit with us." Playfully thrown around by every girl ever. Most are joking, some are serious. I assume the serious ones are total bitches and no one wants to sit with them anyway so psshhh bye ....more

If you ever doubted my devotion to britney spears...

let me squash those doubts with a sledgehammer....more

Hot Mess. And Proud Of It.

On yesterday's blog post, anonymous posed the ever so eloquent question (that they later deleted), "do you really think you're hot shit?"...more

Be Pretty Like Me

I've come to a few conclusions in my short period here on earth. One is that a tan makes everyone look better. I don't care what redheads say about "porcelain is pretty" or whatever garbage they try to spew, but it's not true ....more

My First Redhead

If you're no stranger to this blog, I've talked in length before about my deep disdain and dislike for redheads. And I'm not even kidding. I just can't with them ....more

Inappropriate Thoughts

We all have them. And here are mine. You know how when you're grocery shopping, it's totally acceptable to open a bottle of water and maybe eat a Twix bar before you get to the checkout and pay for it? ...more

Thoughts On Social Media

image found via google search I read current events online quite a bit, and I will read certain stories and be all, this is absolutely ridiculous/and or amazing. I then think to myself, "woman einstein, you have some pretty biased reactions to these asinine stories and you need to write them all down." Alas. Here I am ....more

The Best Smart Ass Answers of 2014

I wasn't going to blog today but received this email and had to share....more


Let me just start by saying I so wish I could name names sometimes. Some people are so incredibly bad-mannered, vile and fabulously obscene that they deserve nothing more than to get called out to the masses. (Not that the masses come here and read, no, rather that I know how to use your name and SEO optimize the shit outta it.) And let me be clear ....more