HHS new rules document proposes religious tenets as basis of health care for women

(Image: Source Zimbio. Photo by None/Getty Images North America. Taken at a a live taping of Meet the Press at NBC Studios July 13, 2008 in Washington, DC. Even Carly Fiorina, a top McCain surrogate, called birth control a choice.) In other women's rights trampling, the Bush Administration is doing the quick step to achieve as many of its oppressive agenda points as possible before the President's term ends. This week's big move? Removing the blockade and letting anti-choice activists storm the health care castle in order to not only block women from getting abortions that are, for the record, still legal, but also could classify contraception products as abortions and enable "objectors" to prevent women from accessing those too. They call it "preventing discrimination" in hiring on the basis of "religious belief" but it's clear---after reading all 39 pages of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed rule document---what it really is: trying to cut the legs out from under Roe v. Wade. What does the document say? (Click here to read the complete PDF, provided courtesy of RH Reality Check.) ...more

Goddess versus sex goddess: Is it really just all in the perspective?

With a constant barrage of sexually charged photos, and a commonplace idea that we must use sex to sell and to prove "grown up," have we lost the ability to distinguish healthy sexual awakening and art from sexually exploitative images? Read this post to see images that reflect that transition from girl to woman beautifully and artistically, and also one mom's opinion about how sexually exploitative photos affect not just our eyes but also our vision of our feminity. <!--break--> ...more

The uninsured children health care crisis in the US--The surprising cost to us all

In this post, read about the uninsured children crisis in the US (including some facts, statistics, numbers and costs that might surprise you), how I'm promoting the Healthy Kids Campaign, what Moms Speak Up is doing for Cover the Uninsured week, and how to survive on potatoes, black beans and ponytails. Oh of course...and three things you can do. <!--break--> ...more

Those are the very questions I have, and I do have some answers. That's Phase II.

I'll ...more

Euphemisms and Breasts, Discreet vs. Discrete

I want to get a few things clear...because there seems to be some confusion about discrete versus discreet, euphemisms, and breasts. It all stems from this breastfeeding debate sparked by Mill Baher (yes, that's intentional). Opponents to breastfeeding in public enjoy employing words such as "obscene" and "offensive" and "private" as well as phrases such as "whip it out" and "boob hanging out" and "private moment between mother and child" and "nursing should be discreet." Let's focus on that last one, shall we? ...more

2 Sentences You Need to Know to Feel Valuable

Do you ever have one of these days? The other day I woke up full of determination: today I wouldn't feel so tired, be so disorganized, slack off, skip things, and I promised to get things done and be a better mom. I would do the best I could in my life, and in the world beyond my life, too. Today I would be Me and the Person I Ought To Be. ...more

Invisible dad...hero dad...making space for dads in parenting

An interesting thing I noticed shortly after becoming a mother is that the way our culture here in the US works for parents is thus: ...more

Hello...so nice to be here

Hello, I'm the Ravin' Picture Maven...I talk about almost anything---from my kids, to work, to politics, life and my art---on my blog and post my latest photos. ...more

Cool! Have you ever visited Paula's House of ...more