Eco Kittie

I’ve had cats for about three and a half years, and for most of the last two years I have used “natural” cat litter. You may ask, what is unnatural about clay litter? The difference is that the natural types of litter are biodegradable in landfills, rather than sitting there and solidifying for fifty years into rocks of clay and poo (not to mention the fact that many times the clay that is used for traditional kittie litters come from strip mines, and contain all sorts of things that are bad for you to breathe). Read more... ...more

Six months in jail for drugging and raping a 17 year old?!

I find myself confused by the fact that Mr. Beebe will only serve 6 months of his 18 month sentence, which according to the Associated Press was a plea down from the potential sentence of life in prison for "rape and object sexual penetration", predicated on his cooperating with investigators in pursuing charges against the other men involved in assaulting Ms. Seccuro. However Mr. Beebe "hadn't given prosecutors any helpful information" as of his sentencing hearing of March 2007. ...more