Matchmaking and Adoption

I learned yesterday at work that when Orthodox Jews are “dating” (used loosely as it is more akin to matchmaking), they are not allowed to speak to other potential partners. Granted, this could be incorrect as I didn’t grill my friend about it. She was talking about a family member to another friend and mentioned that even though there was another very interesting young lady that he would be a good match with, he is currently committed to seeing if he is a match with another young lady....more

People Question...

People question why I blog. I have been blogging on different platforms since 2000. I do it for myself. For my well-being. To share my story.People question if I/we are adopting to just get a child. Yes, of course. We want a son or daughter. Or both. But also to raise them and make them even more amazing little people....more

NFPA/FSFAPA Conference & Ballerina Update

We had an amazing time this past weekend (June 6-8) at the NFPA/ FSFAPA Conference. Between meeting folks from across the nation, to playing in the pool with our friends kids, seeing old friends and family, and all the sessions... And not to mention the pillows. OMW the pillows. My bed had 5 of the softest, fluffiest pillows....more

3rd Visit with Ballerina

It's amazing what one week and one extra visit can do....more

Moving Forward Towards Adopting Ballerina

I spoke to both Ringer and CW last night about Ballerina. We have our 3rd play date on Sunday, but aside from picking up the pottery, not sure yet.We’re going to come up with some ideas and see what she wants to do....more

Impromptu Playdate #2 with Ballerina

We crashed pretty hard Saturday night very early for both of us. To say it was an emotionally draining day would be putting it quite mildly. After all, it’s not every day that you get to spend several hours with a child that might be your daughter in the future.OMW I can’t even write that without tearing up. Daughter....more

Play Date with Ballerina - the First of Many to Come!

Hi! I didn’t post after the CW and CM visit, but Thursday afternoon, Husband and I decided to meet Ballerina this morning. OMFG. I have been a ball of knots and nerves since we made the plans. We decided to go paint pottery figuring we could talk or not talk while painting....more

Ballerina Update - Or, Meeting all the People Before We Meet the Child

I cannot go into great detail here about Ballerina, but I do have some information to share. Also, I'm referring to her as "Ballerina" as, even though she is in a Heart Gallery, the system doesn't like their kids names and photos being displayed all over the place....more

Questions for Potential Adoption Placement

Sooooooo.... we are meeting S's therapist Thursday morning to ask him questions. So. Many. Questions....more

Adoption: Call #1 About a Child

Hello!We just got our first call about a child and are supposed to set a time to meet with her therapist and case worker next week to ask all the questions we can possibly come up with before being introduced to her. She is several years older than our age range, but I've been keeping track of her for months (6-7 at least) and was super excited to put in an inquiry about her last week.Aside from the few questions I've been mulling over, I really need your help. What questions should we ask?...more