White Flour & Sugar

Have you ever heard anyone say that all you have to do to have a more nutritious diet is to stop eating white flour and sugar?  That seems pretty radical to most people.  What's the point?  What's wrong with white flour and sugar?  And what would such a change accomplish?  Simply put, why?  By now, if you've been following the blog regularly, you probably know me well enough to know that I'm not going to say you can never eat white flour and sugar.  I'll never say never -- moderation is my motto.  I think that most people can tolerate a little bit of most things now and then.  But that's not what's happening.  Let's look at what the standard American day looks like, food-wise.  ...more

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What's for Breakfast?

Roxanne Sukol MD "Your Health is on Your Plate" http://yourhealthisonyourplate.com I am pretty excited this morning, because today's the day that the grounds manager from a small local college is coming over to spend a few hours helping me salvage a row of overgrown, antique quince bushes and convert a small corner of my yard into an edible garden.  I expect that we'll be working pretty hard, so before he gets here I need to eat breakfast, and that's what we'll be discussing today....more

Delicious, Flavorful, Versatile Yogurt

Roxanne Sukol MD "Your Health is on Your Plate" Some time ago I wrote a post about store-bought, flavored yogurt and the absurd amounts of sugar contained therein,  called Everything You Wanted to Know About Yogurt but Were Afraid To Ask .   But the truth is there's a lot more to know about yogurt, and don't worry -- it's all good. The first step to restoring yogurt to its healthful place in smart eating is to buy it plain.  You can try your hand at making your own yogurt, but you'll still need some plain yogurt to get started.  "Plain," by the way, is what I would have called yogurt if I wanted consumers to be more interested in other, fancier options, especially if I could increase profits by doing so.  But that's not what I want for you, so  I would call it "pure" yogurt.  So the first step is to buy plain, whole-milk yogurt.  Now, if you aren't ready to switch from low-fat to whole fat, we can compromise for now.  Just please make sure it's plain yogurt, with live, active cultures (check the label). ...more

What's Wrong with "Wheat Bread"?

Roxanne Sukol MD "Your Health is on Your Plate" Most of the time I feel like we're really making progress.  Patients are looking younger, losing inches, feeling better and decreasing their medications.  Still, not a day goes by that Angie, Barb, Chuck, Doris, Elijah, Fritz, or Gayle doesn't tell me proudly that they have switched to "wheat bread."  I thought I covered that, I say to myself.  I thought we discussed the fact that practically all bread is made from wheat.  That buying "wheat bread" is the same as buying "bread."  That the word "wheat" means nothing in terms of good nutrition unless it is prefaced by the word "whole," as in "whole wheat."  That someone is trying to confuse you, and they are succeeding.  That's when I feel as if I'm climbing a mountain with a Wonder Bread truck tethered to my backpack. ...more

Dill Pesto

Right now, the dill is taking over my herb garden in its lovely, flavorful and feathery bloom.  My attempts to use it don’t usually make a dent in the amount growing, even as I leave plenty to seed next year’s crop, or to share with the next interested gardener.  Mostly, I have been cutting it into salads.  I could also add it to butter, or make pickles, or hang some upside down to dry.  The dill is everywhere, self seeding from beautiful, zebra-colored seeds given to me a few years ago by a patient who also grows startlingly lovely lavender roses.  ...more

But that does sound like an excellent way to use up dill from the garden. ...more

Beverages to Spike Your Blood Sugar

Roxanne Sukol MD "Your Health is on Your Plate" drsukol.teachmed.comI decided to visit the “beverage center” at our local Walmart to see what's in stock.  I especially wanted to look at the names of some of these beverages.  My hypothesis, borne out of experiences with margarine and breakfast cereals, is that the more manufactured the product type, the more creative the brand names.  ...more