For summer (and fall and winter), green is the new jean

I get asked a lot about some alternatives to wearing blue jeans as part of daytime or evening casual outfits. If you’re not really a skirt or dress kind of gal, finding some variety in this arena can be challenging ....more

Just loving this tank


Let your wardrobe teach you (it’s smarter than you think)

When I work with clients, I often hear the same issues come up. They’re tired of their wardrobes, sick of spending so much money on useless clothes, frustrated with not knowing what styles work for their body types, and fed up with opening their closet doors to a sea of clothes and nothing to wear ....more

Reader Question: I need a laptop-appropriate bag!

Here’s another fab reader question from my Facebook page: Ok- how to carry a 15″ laptop and look remotely put together? I’ve wasted waaaay too much time searching zappos and shopstyle. Don’t want to carry a backpack unless I’m rocking it Elaine Bennis style. And- last question. Can you carry a laptop bag AND a purse? #jobpromotionproblems ...more

Those fabulous Paris fleas..

Hello! After an absolutely fantastic couple weeks away, I am back and in full work mode. I had an insanely wonderful time in France, and wanted to write about some of my experiences. I won’t go nuts with travel posts, but there are a few things I thought would be fun to share. First up.. my experience with the Paris flea markets! Basically, they are LEGENDARY. And as someone who adores old crap, I was so psyched to visit and ...more

Regarding sale racks…

While I’m away, I’ll be re-posting some favorites from the TRS archives. Be back soon!  ...more

Is cleavage ever okay?

While I’m away, I’ll be re-posting some favorites from the TRS archives. Be back soon!  I got a request over the weekend to write a post about cleavage. When it’s appropriate, when it’s not, and how much is too much. So here it goes! ...more