Secrets to Diet Success

Secrets to Diet SuccessYou might be interested of what really happened...more

Why Do People Diet

Why Do People Diet There are so many reasons why people go on diet. They have different answers depending on what they believe motivates them. You can ask your friends or your colleagues if they are on a specific diet. Most of them may have started on diet long ago or have just started. Then you can ask why they go through this process. Chances are, you will hear a lot of reasons and unique ways to have successful dieting. For most people who have been dieting, one major reason is to look better. Probably, they want to look good because it is being required by their job. Some actors and actresses are paid to act on screen and they are required to look their best. Models on runways are expected to be thinner. Getting thinner; however, is difficult and poses a challenge to some because it involves changing the lifestyle and food habits. Some people go through with difficult ways and means to get thin. Some people also go for healthy options like exercise and eat more vegetables to achieve better built. For others, they just want to satisfy themselves and they experience fulfillment when they get the weight they want. Brought to you by

Step-by-Step - How to make Micro Byzantine Bracelet

Step-by-Step - How to make Micro Byzantine Bracelet 1) Open a small pile of rings and close a small pile of rings....more
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Beautiful jewelry made from jump rings and beads

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101 Jewelry Making – Step by Step on How to Make Loops

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101 Jewelry Making – Opening and Closing a Jump Ring

101 Jewelry Making – Opening and Closing a Jump Ring A jump ring should always be opened by turning one side of the ring as if it is on a hinge....more

Recipes - How to Cook French Beans in Garlic

    INGREDIENTS french beans - 200 grams garlic cloves - 2 oil - 3 table spoons salt - 1/2 tea spoon sugar - 1/2 tea spoon soy sauce - 1/2 table spoon red chilli (to garnish) Step by...more

Thai Food Recipes - How to Stir Fry Beans and Cashew Nuts

  INGREDIENTS french beans - 150 grams (trimmed and halved) unsalted cashew nuts - 70 grams onion - 1 (peeled and finely chopped) fresh ginger - 2 cm (peeled and grated) garlic - 2 (peeled and crushed) red chilli - 1 (deseeded and ...more

Cooking Basics - How to Make Your Shrimps "Bouncy"

  If you have ever eaten Chinese shrimp dishes or dim sum where the shrimps are so crisp and crunchy that they literally "bounce" in your mouth, you might like to know how to achieve it. INGREDIENTS shrimps - 250 grams (shelled and deveined) baking soda - 1 teaspoon egg white - 1 tablespoon topio...more

Chinese Food Recipe - How to Cook Fried Eggplant with Dried Shrimps

  INGREDIENTS eggplant - 250 grams (cut into pieces) dried shrimps - 30 grams (soaked in cold water) minced garlic - 1 table spoon chilli - 1 (chopped) belacan - 10 grams sugar - 1 ...more