4 Ways to Build Confidence and Become a Desirable Woman

Building confidence and becoming a woman of value sometimes takes some reprogramming on your part in order to start attracting the desired partner into your life. Men go nuts for women who radiate with value. When you become a woman of value men become the prize which is one of the benefits of investing in yourself.  But how do you start to acquire real value....more

Becoming a Vegetarian too Hard? Try a Flexitarian Diet

It was Christmas 2009 when I decided that I wanted to journey into a vegetarian lifestyle. I'm not sure what triggered the change but there I was, in Florida at my parents home, on Christmas evening, a table full of curry goat, curry chicken and oxtail yet I was eating a salad....more
JimCorcoranThanks for sharing Jim. One day I too may be bold enough to go fully Vegan. Continue ...more

Black Woman, Long Dreadlocks

I am 41 and after 18 years of having dreadlocks I am just beginning to love them. Heck I'm just beginning to love myself. It's weird, most people at this point are normally contemplating the big cut. Not me, my hair is as healthy, long and beautiful as ever....more