Abstaining from National Day of Unplugging

"Think about it. A month ago, no one would go on this site because we were worried about getting molested. Or losing our identity. Having it stolen. But now, at a time To Be Determined, all of those problems will be in the past."--The Office ...more

Twitter and the Mardi Gras Effect

Givin It Up: Twitter and the Mardi Gras EffectWhen I blogged on Mardi Gras that I was contemplating giving up sex for Lent (for the second year in a row), I had no idea the prospect would be met with such keen interest....more

Mardi Gras: Givin it Up

Lenten Season has really never been a joke around my house, except for all those years in college where I insisted I was giving up Self Control. ...more

Grandma Doll's Snow Cream

The greatest thing about the rare snow day in our house growing up (Catholics never call off school) was the Snow Cream from our grandmothers. I never learned to make it -- the primary thing I remember was that we were always required to wait several big snows into the season (the mythos being that the first few snows were dirty, but the later ones were more eco-friendly, less toxic)....more