Juicy Breakfast Syrup

To continue our week of recipes to celebrate #NationalBreakfastMonth , I have an easy homemade syrup recipe. With this recipe, you can make it with any kind of juice. I found a tasty mango coconut juice made by Langers to use ....more

Weekday Waffles and 29 Filling Breakfast Recipes

Yay! It is officially September today. In my book that means fall, even though the official day isn’t until Sept ....more

Flashback Friday – Shockingly Simple Taco Salad

Today we are flashing back to a simple taco salad recipe. I shared back in my first year of blogging in 2008. It is still a family favorite! ...more

Slow Cooker Asian Lettuce Wraps

Here is a tasty lettuce wrap where the filling is made in a slow cooker! This makes them so east to make! The flavorful filling gets topped with teriyaki sauce, green onion, and sesame seeds ....more

30 Easy Meals made in 30 Minutes or Less

My kids are all finally back to school and that means homework and activities. That also means time for easy dinners. So, I went and put together a list of 30 tasty meals that can all be made in 30 minutes or less ....more

Dijon Mustard Grilled Chicken

You know I try and help you get in and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible. I have another great quick main dish for you. This chicken gets coated in a simple marinade and then cooked on the grill ....more

Flashback Friday – Grilled Panini

With just a few tasty ingredients you can have a spectacular sandwich. Make this on your grill but feel free to use a panini grill if you have one! Easy Grilled Panini Sandwiches ...more

Easy Skillet BBQ Pork Chops

School is start next week for my two kids that are at home. My oldest son left a few weeks ago to serve an LDS mission, so for two years we are a family of 4 now. I must say, by this time each year, I can’t wait for back to school ....more

Slow Cooker BBQ Brisket

My most favorite thing to order at a bbq joint is beef brisket. It is always amazing. I love those tender slices of beef topped with a sweet tangy bbq sauce ....more

Grilled Applewood Chicken

I love the flavor of applewood, but that usually involves using a smoker to get that flavor. Today, I am sharing a recipe where you can achieve that flavor but no smoker need thanks to a terrific seasoning mix from McCormick. All you need for this is a grill, some chicken, and Grill Mates Applewood.. ....more