Bobby Jindal just announced his presidential run with a hidden camera stuck in a tree

This is how Bobby Jindal told the world he wanted to be president. No, I don’t have anything really more enlightening here. Bobby Jindal, everyone’s favourite hot mess of a presumptive presidential candidate, just announced his bid for the White House with this “I’m trying too hard to go viral; what is this social media thing, anyways?”...more

NYPD Officer Peter Liang and his Partner Stepped Over Dying Akai Gurley, Never Called for Ambulance

Officer Peter Liang leaves his home in Brooklyn. Photo credit: Sam Hodgson / New York Times In a week that has already left me disheartened over the state of race in America today, the last thing I really needed was to read the details of the prosecution’s case against Peter Liang. The trial against NYPD officer Peter Liang, who fatally shot Akai Gurley late last year in a darkened stairwell...more

33 Years after Vincent Chin’s Death, Our Common Cause Must be Racial Justice For All

A screen-capture from the movie “Who Killed Vincent Chin?”33 years ago today,...more

Suspect in Serial NYC Attacks Targeting Asian American Women Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

The assailant who has attacked four Asian American women over the last week.Tyrelle Shaw, the 25-year-old named by police late last week as the suspect in a series of physical assaults targeting Asian American women in New Tork City has been found dead of an apparent suicide. Shaw had been the target of a police manhunt for the last several days after law enforcement was tipped off by friends and family that he had posted a series of blog posts that appeared to confess to the assaults — four Asian American women had reported to police in the previous week that an unknown man had beaten them with a blunt object wrapped in a plastic bag. In three of the four attacks, the man had attempted to speak to the women, and in the two most recent cases has made disparaging remarks and rape threats ....more

Suspect Identified in NYC’s Serial Assaults Targeting Asian American Women

The assailant who has attacked four Asian American women over the last week. The suspect in a series of physical assaults targeting Asian American women in New York City was identified late yesterday by police as 25-year-old Tyrelle D. Shaw, after concerned friends and family contacted law enforcement following the appearance of several seemingly incriminating blog posts published on Shaw’s website over the last week ....more

What Will It Take to Finally Label This What It Is: Domestic Terrorism? | #Charleston #AMEShooting

The gunman in last night’s mass shooting at Mother Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston. I can’t take it any more. Ferguson ....more

NYC Assailant Appears to Be Targeting Asian American Women in Attacks

The unknown assailant who has attacked four Asian American women in NYC over the last week. Police are conducting a city-wide hunt in New York City for...more

Race, Transracialization, and Other Thoughts on Rachel Dolezal

Former Spokane NAACP president, Rachel Dolezal If you spend any time thinking about race or identity politics, you have by now heard of Rachel Dolezal, the (former) president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP who for several years passed as a (multiracial, light-skinned) Black woman until her parents revealed early last week that they are both White. Because we haven’t had enough thinkpieces on this subject, here’s another. (Yes, that’s sarcasm.) This story took social media by storm, with each day revealing new details of Dolezal’s life: born in Montana and growing up with blonde hair, pale skin, and blue-green eyes, Dolezal reportedly increasingly identified with Black culture...more

Acting Up & Acting Out: The Wondrous Work of Kristina Wong

Kristina Wong. And cats. Kristina Wong...more

Redditors Flood Reddit With Hate Targeting CEO Ellen Pao After Site Unveils New Anti-Harassment Policies

Reddit has long been a safe haven for users who yearn for the good old days when the internet was basically the Wild West. Whether myth or reality, many redditors believe that Reddit remains one of the few spaces on the internet where unfiltered opinion can persist unchecked, largely due to Reddit’s mechanism that permits any user to create a new subreddit on any topic. Buried within Reddit’s subreddit forums are spaces where offensive messages are not only tolerated, but often openly encouraged ....more