When you think of all that is going on after the Boston Marathon bombings , the temptation is to let your hope slip to the bottom of your toes. 'How could this happen' ?,we think , 'why weren't they stopped'? "What could make a seemingly" nice " guy" , who had everything going for him ,turn to such a violent crime ?' We do not know how a human heart can contain such a disdain for fellow human beings that they would ,reportedly ,set a bomb down in front of a little boy....more

Hope Springs Up

      Hello to all ! I am quite new at blogging and love to write ,so her goes !      As spring approaches and the Easter season , I must say , I welcome it!!As a lover of wintery,snowy days ,even I am enjoying the feeling of the warmth on my shoulders .I am starting to think that the muddy prints on the porch is a joy..well ,maybe ,not so much !...more