How to Love (a.k.a. Put Up With) A Runner

Runner’s World   Magazine  has declared February the month of “Run-Mance” and has been featuring stories of couples who met each other through running. This got me to thinking about couples where only one of the partners is a runner. What is it like to be the one who doesn’t run?  I can only go from the feedback I’ve personally received over the years from my husband, but in our household it looks something like this:...more


  For the last few years I have chosen a “word for the year” instead of making a new year’s resolution. I’ve found that this has been much more effective for me than setting myself up for something that feels like a task. It might be a subtle change of mindset but for whatever reason it works for me. My words over the past few years have been: Inspire, Flow, and Warrior. All of these words resonated with me and taught me things about myself as the year progressed. ...more
DLLenhardt Absolutely you can "borrow" it!  Yes...I add to my list of words every year. The ...more

Beauty, Fitness, and Aging, Oh My!

"Hello Rebecca. Welcome to the beginning of your 8 week accountability challenge. The doors are closing. Please hang on for the ride."...more

Using the Horses in a Session-Part 3

So....How do we use the horses in a session? ...more

Meet the Horses-Part Two

Equine Assisted Therapy Part Two- Meet the Horses We begin our work with clients by having them meet each horse in the herd. We currently have a herd of six horses, each of whom has a powerful story. Clients typically will feel drawn to a certain horse by something that they hear when the horse’s story is told. This will resonate with a client who has experienced his/her own trauma and help them to feel an emotional connection before they even begin to work with the horse. ...more

What is Equine Assisted Psychotherapy?

Although I have never blogged about it before, some of you may know that I am a therapist at an agency that works with victims of domestic violence. One of the coolest things I am able to do in my therapy practice is a modality known as equine assisted psychotherapy. This intervention is effective on so many different levels with clients, and has also been shown to be beneficial in helping to rehabilitate horses who have had traumatic experiences themselves. ...more

Where Does YOUR Motivation Come From?

What motivates you? For me, it’s being told that I “can’t” do something. When I was in high school, the boys I wanted to date were the ones that my Dad refused to allow me to date. In hindsight, thank you God, (and Dad), for not letting me marry a couple of them...especially that "one". Speaking of which, the boy that I married? The leaders in my church told me that I “couldn’t” marry him. Again thank you God, (and Dad), for overruling them on that one too. I got a good one didn’t I Dad? ...more

Psyching Myself Up for Another Race

I am running a 5K tomorrow. You might think this wouldn't be such a big deal for someone who ran a half-marathon just two weekends ago. However, I feel like I haven't trained much, or really at all, since I ran the half-marathon. I had a breast biopsy the week after the half (which I may end up blogging about in the future), so I wasn't able to run for a few days afterward....more

There is a PROBLEM in the Hen House.

  Does anybody want a rooster? It just might save my marriage if someone says “yes”. My husband and I bought a “fixer upper” property a couple of years ago basically because of the horse facilities on the property. These included a completely fenced 40 acre property, an outdoor riding arena, an indoor riding arena, and a 24 stall barn. That’s right, I said 24 stalls. At the time we had 3 horses. The herd has now increased to 6, leaving us with 18 stalls that will most likely not be occupied by other horses. ...more

Road Trippin'!

One of the best and worst things about this time of year is the annual cross-country trip from Denver, CO to Charlottesville, VA. It’s the worst time of year because my youngest daughter, Kimberly, is headed back to school after a meager 12 weeks at home.  It’s the Best time of year because for three days I have one-on-one time with her, laughing, singing, and talking about the quirks of life, from the mundane to the serious. It brings back memories of her middle school years when she went to a private Montessori school that was an hour commute from our home....more