Training Through Injury

I found out at the end of last year that I had been chosen to be a product tester for a new resistance activewear company called Physiclo.  They were doing a research study to see if wearing their product while training helped athletes to improve their personal best times in the half marathon and full marathon. I was beyond excited when they chose me to be one of the participants. ...more

Running In A New City

What’s the best way to explore a new city?  Go for a run of course!  Which is exactly what I did on a recent visit to see my daughter graduate with her MBA from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. ...more

Fierce: My Word for 2016

Okay everybody, it’s that time of year when I start to think about my word for next year. I never make New Year’s resolutions because they seem to get lost in the shuffle of life ‘round about February. However, I have found that if I listen to my instincts and let a word choose me, at the end of the year I'm amazed at how the word has played out in my life....more
meetthevines Love it!more

2016 miles in 2016

Last year I participated in a challenge to log 2,015 running miles in a year. The challenge was sponsored by Run The Edge, a group based out of Boulder, Colorado whose mission is to get people moving while at the same time sponsoring charitable organizations that focus on helping others. These include virtual races for efforts such as Girls on The Run, Judi’s House, and Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs. There was also a VERY fun virtual challenge to post a running theme selfie every day in the month of July. ...more
packerpam The important thing is just to MOVE your body!  If you need teammates I would suggest ...more

Road to Triathlon-Setbacks and Bamboo Groves

Road to Triathlon: Setbacks and Bamboo Groves ...more

Road to Triathlon-Becoming Comfortable in the Water

When I opened up my gift from my daughter on Christmas morning, she had a look on her face that was somewhere between giddy anticipation and unparalleled fear. She had already told me that I would either love it or hate it and try as I might I just could not figure out what she might have bought me. The first thing I saw when I opened the box was a rubbery gray “thing”. Having no idea what I was looking at, I pulled it out of the box and written in hot pink letters across the front were the words “Totes Adorbs”. Then it dawned on me…THIS WAS A SWIM CAP! Holy Horrible Moment Batman. ...more

Road to Triathlon-Chapter One

Last year I ran my first full marathon. It was something that I wasn’t sure I could do, until I actually did it.   Shortly after the marathon I was invited to be part of a cycling team that was doing a 30 mile ride. I had about 3 weeks to train and a generic hybrid bike, but I kept up with everyone else and had a blast doing it. ...more

How to Love (a.k.a. Put Up With) A Runner

Runner’s World   Magazine  has declared February the month of “Run-Mance” and has been featuring stories of couples who met each other through running. This got me to thinking about couples where only one of the partners is a runner. What is it like to be the one who doesn’t run?  I can only go from the feedback I’ve personally received over the years from my husband, but in our household it looks something like this:...more


  For the last few years I have chosen a “word for the year” instead of making a new year’s resolution. I’ve found that this has been much more effective for me than setting myself up for something that feels like a task. It might be a subtle change of mindset but for whatever reason it works for me. My words over the past few years have been: Inspire, Flow, and Warrior. All of these words resonated with me and taught me things about myself as the year progressed. ...more
DLLenhardt Absolutely you can "borrow" it!  Yes...I add to my list of words every year. The ...more

Beauty, Fitness, and Aging, Oh My!

"Hello Rebecca. Welcome to the beginning of your 8 week accountability challenge. The doors are closing. Please hang on for the ride."...more