Holiday Gift Guide for a New Mama

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and I love it!  I love the music, the fun family gatherings and activities, the movies, the food, and just plain celebrating and giving thanks....more

Maine Made Gift Ideas

If you stop by the blog frequently, you know I'm a big fan of shopping small & local whenever possible....more

Maternity Style File: Fall Favorites

The seasons are quickly changing here in Maine, the cooler crisper air is coming, and as I'm approaching 23 weeks, my belly is growing even quicker.  I'm just so grateful that everything seems healthy with this pregnancy, but there is no denying I am getting BIG.  It's full panel pants from here on out.. :-) This is my first winter baby, and so far the upside seems to be comfy sweaters; I haven't quite figured out the jacket situation (that will have to be another post).  Here are a few of my favorite staples as I make the leap into fall with my bump....more

Potty Training Products for the Win!


Gift Ideas for Celebrating Dad on His Day!

Hard to believe that it's June already, which means Father's Day will be here before you know it!  I think most Dads will tell you that a homemade card and a hearty breakfast would make their Father's Day, but if you're looking more ideas to spoil the awesome Dad in your life, keep reading:...more

Staying safe in the sun!

10 tips for dining out with little ones

 Eating out with my kids is definitely not something I do every week, but it can be a fun outing if the stars align.  Sometimes when my husband is out overnight lobstering, I like to take the boys out as a treat (they LOVE to eat out)....more

Celebrating ALL Moms

so incredibly blessed with these two monkeys - they test me everyday but I wouldn't have it any other way...more

Purging the closet: 6 great ways to part with your stuff!

Recently I stumbled upon this article in my Facebook newsfeed and was inspired!  I wonder if this mom knew she would be changing closets across the country?  I'm not cleaning house completely (you bet I'm keeping my yoga pants) or buying a new wardrobe (that's not realistic right now), but I am taking my Spring cleaning to a whole new level this year!  My purge is in progress, and it feels great!...more

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Maine Mom in Your Life!

Happy Mother's Day week to all of you moms out there.  I thought it would only be fitting to talk about Mother's Day gift ideas.  While most of us moms would be thrilled with a big hug and some handmade art from our little ones, if you're looking for an extra special treat for the Maine mom if you're life, I've got some great ideas!  ...more