Bathroom Karma

I use the word "karma" in the broad sense of the word. The Bible refers to the same principle as sowing & reaping but that didn't make for a catchy title.   I began my shift yesterday as I was trained, in the 4th and 5th grade bathrooms. Not the most pleasant way to begin a shift. The bathrooms were, on a scale of 1 - 10 of grossness, about a 5. As I zipped along cleaning the boys' bathrooms, I was grateful there had not been any major "earthquakes" that day....more
Tricky little female student! I hope your back is feeling better :)more

Bachelors Degree in Custodial Arts

After two and a half years of being unemployed, and countless resumes and interviews, I have recently accepted a position as a 2nd shift custodian at the little home town school I graduated from in 1986. Last night was my first "day" on the job. My feet hurt. I'm going to admit something....more
Rebekah, I'm sorry but I have no idea. You know, I do all of my posts on WordPad, then copy and ...more

Ohhh I Ain't Ever Satisfied

My family has returned from a week vacation in Panama City Beach. While I so looked forward to the break from real-life at home, my heart longed for home the entire time I was by the ocean. And now while I am so happy to be home, I yearn for the soothing sound of the giant ocean outside my bedroom. To borrow a few words from musician and songwriter Steve Earle, "I ain't ever satisfied". Why is that? ...more

My Relationship with God

My relationship with God has been bumpy to say the least. I'm pretty sure He has been the same throughout. It's me who continues to be all over the map. My M.O. is this: Pray until I don't see the results I want, get mad at God, try to do it myself, fall on my face. For those of you who may need a more visible outline of this process.. 1. Pray 2. Lack of desired results (not seeing results exactly the way I want or exactly WHEN I want) 3. Get mad at God. (Fine, God! I'm on my own then - FINE! I'll do it MYSELF.") 4....more