The Hope Within the Nativity: How Christmas Teaches Our Souls of their Worth

The first Christmas night, the most holy of nights. Classically captured by the nativity sets that fill the stores, and front of cards, and our homes. Have you ever looked at these sets with a critical eye?  For example, in our set, why is there one camel for three wise men?! Did they take turns?  Did they all pile on?  Which one had to sit in the space between humps? These are questions I ask....more

Courage Enough. (How to Journey On After Loss and Change)

Courage Enough. (How to Journey On After Loss and Change) About a week ago, my husband and I moved our family back to Iowa City.  The city we left seven years ago for Colorado....more

Sorry, Babywise, It's Been Real.


Considering Him Faithful: A Series on the Sarah of Genesis

Many mornings of late, God hears pretty simple prayers from me.Oh help me be faithful.Day after day, my heart's cry has been that simple. I have minimal prayers over vast dreams for the future, or great financial provisions, for now. Help me obey, Father.  Help me to be faithful.And I have heard Him whisper a bit of guidance:It starts with my  faithfulness, Rebekah....more

Not Mine to Carry: How an Extravert Can Find Rest

Not Mine to Carry: How an Extravert Can Find Rest I looked out the windshield, staring at nothing, and sighed.  I turned to my man, driving our diaper-smelling Honda home.He looked so full of thought and burdens that my heart pained.I knew my expression probably looked very similar.As we drove our 6 minute commute (oh suburbia...) we felt the weight of the world on our shoulders....more

Sorry, Babywise. It's been real.

This is tough.Babywise, I'm sorry, but I need to break up with you.But for real, it's not you, it's me.Before you get all emotional, please let me explain....more