Overwhelmed by the Ordinariness of Life: Overwhelmed by an Overwhelmed Sister

A few days ago I was talking to a colleague who is the perfect embodiment of “I got it”-ness. With her Vogue-in-the-classroom look and absolute dedication to going above and beyond the call of duty for her students and all of the students in our school, she is a failure-free go-to gal, who clearly revels in that role—and reputation. But that morning her smile was tense, and her laugh-whatever-off ease was strained. What had put her over the top was not administration, with all its glorious decisions. No. It was family. What a shock, huh?...more

Missing Words: the Quandary of Being 50 Plus Some

I’ve been forgetting things for a year. Is this what’s supposed to happen when you turn 50? It was like clockwork: I got my invite from AARP to join the party and I started forgetting things. Not things, per se, I can still find my keys and my car (not counting supermarket parking lots), no, I’ve been forgetting words. Not all words, not words when I’m writing, but when I’m speaking. All of a sudden, in the midst of a conversation, when it’s my turn to talk, I freeze up....more

Finally, A Benefit of Being Fifty

I tend to think of myself as a big mouth, but it’s more because I will interrupt people to make funny—to me and to some of them—off-hand comments, and not so much because I spew my opinions to all, loudly and incessantly, as do some big-time big mouths. So a few weeks ago, at a dinner party at a friend’s house, I touched on the power of being a fifty-year-old woman and how it related to my bigmouthedness. There was a man, Sergei, who stated that the high-tech pioneers in Israel in the 80’s were all Russians. I said, no, they weren’t. He restated his point....more

The Symbolism of the Laundry

I just did a load of laundry. One bath towel. One blouse. Three tee shirts. One tee shirt-pajama top. Three pairs of undies. One bra. One pair of jeans. One cloth napkin. Two kitchen towels. A white wash is in the machine. I think there are four white shirts in that load. The laundry is hanging to dry on a portable air dryer on the terrace. ...more

The Best Watermelon, Ever

On one standard hot day when I was living on a kibbutz in Israel I was assigned to work in the watermelon field. I was told that it was going to be horrible. But in the way that my optimism always outshines reality, I was excited to work at something new.   ...more

The Symbolism of a Worm

This morning, after looking out my window and seeing that the snow that had blanketed the lawn for a week was completely gone, I went on my morning walk with Poops to the mailbox to get the newspaper.  As I walked up the road I noticed a worm, and then another one and another, all drying on the pavement. And I realized that in one week we had gone from winter with 13 degree temperatures and wind chill factors and six inches of snow to 60 degrees and worms seeking sunshine. ...more

Butt Echo

On Sunday afternoon I decided to start my exercise regimen. A friend made me realize that I shouldn’t fear running (do people jog anymore?), and so I figured this would be the perfect day to start my life as a runner. In the past, and I mean distant as in when Nike was still using waffle irons to make the sole of its running shoes, I had tried jogging, but I was never comfortable with the activity. I thought the problem was the shin splints that I inevitably got, especially on my right leg. ...more

I don't think that a butt echo can protect anyone. Besides the fact that men seem to like a ...more

Is Grandma Okay?

Grandparents can play so many different roles in the lives of their grandkids. Sometimes it's patient teacher, sometimes it's walks in the park and kite flying, sometimes it's chief caregiver. Whatever their role, inevitably their grandchild will see them change and grow older. This story, Is Granma Okay? by Laura G. of rebelliousthoughtsofawoman.com, explores that topic through the eyes of a young girl.  ...more

Mommy Whine

No, I do not want to get a roll of toilet paper for you from the basement. No, I do not want you to take my tee-shirts, my sweatshirts, or my sweaters from my closet. No, I do not want you to take my towel from my room. No, I do not want to make dinner for you and you. No, I do not want to make tea for you, even if you are not feeling well. No, I do not want to get another glass of water for you. No, I do not want to explain to you why it is wrong to call me an “f***ing woman.” No, I do not want to stop at the supermarket for ...more

My First Wish for President Obama

May Obama have a woman's desire to end war, and not a man's urge to begin war. Laura, wwww.rebelliousthoughtsofawoman.com   ...more