Time to Go…

This post will make sense to some and will leave others scratching their heads.  Both are okay. The last seven months I have wrestled with blogging.  What once was a fun hobby began feeling more of a burden.  Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s my season or stage of life, maybe it’s just new priorities and focus… ...more

Weigh~In Wednesday (A NEW Challenge)

Hi Friends!  Boy, I’m SO thankful to the ladies who served us amazing and inspiring Guest Posts these last few weeks.  Their stories were encouraging and I SO appreciate anyone who would take the time to write a post for us here on At Home With Kim ....more

Weigh-In Wednesday (Guest Post)

Welcome to Weigh~In Wednesday!!! This week I’m  so happy to share this post from Denise who blogs at Creative Kitchen and is a WIW Friend ....more

Weigh~In Wednesday (Guest Post)

Welcome to Weigh~In Wednesday!!! This week I’m  so happy to share this post from Liane, new blogger and WIW Friend ....more

Momma Genes Don’t Fail Me Now….

A tummy bug has invaded my home.  It hit my girl Saturday, then my boy on Monday. Funny how we can plan our calendars and then have our “normal” thrown off course.  Schedules were wiped away and replaced with pjs, Sprite with saltine crackers, and lots of snuggle time.  I HATE seeing my babies sick.  But I would flat be lying if I pretended not to love the extra time to ...more

Weigh~In Wednesday (Guest Post)

Welcome to Weigh~In Wednesday!  This week I’m so excited to welcome my friend, Sheila of Eat2Gather ....more

Weigh~In Wednesday


Morning Moments ~ Finding Rest

At the beginning of the year, like most of you, I set goals for 2013.  Things I wanted to begin doing, things I wanted to change, and things I wanted to stop doing.  One month into the year, and I’ve paused to evaluate where I am in my pursuit of these goals.  Have any of you done that?  If so, it may resonate with you when I say, “Ouch!” ....more

January 365

Fridays around here are my accountability for myself to keep practicing and learning photography.  This year, I committed to the 365 Challenge which is taking one photo everyday.  I chose to make the rule that I would only use my camera (not my phone) for the challenge.  And wow!  This IS a commitment. Here’s what I learned from my first month of the 365 Challenge: - Photos taken inside at night are horrific.  I need to take my shots while ...more

Weigh-In Wednesday {Guest Post}