Fiddle Leaf Fig

Back in mid-May (2014), we bought our first houseplant: Mr. Figgy. I had seen the Fiddle Leaf Fig in all kinds of design magazines and was immediately drawn to it ....more

A Review of Chloe’s Vegan Italian Kitchen!

Have you heard of Chloe Coscarelli? If not, and if you’re vegan, you really need to follow her! She is a popular vegan chef and winner of the Food Network’s...more

Homemade Za’atar!

I recently discovered that the reason Falafel Drive In‘s pita chips taste like heaven is because they are spiced with za’atar, a flavorful Middle Eastern spice that can be used on almost anything! I was determined to try to replicate the chips at home since I live in LA and no longer have the luxury of eating at Falafel Drive In every day. However, after going to Whole Foods (who has discontinued carrying the spice) and a few of the many Middle Eastern stores in Glendale (who didn’t carry it), I thought I’d try to make my own ....more

Uma Oils

I’m not much of a beauty junkie. When YouTubers post Empties or...more

How to Clean Stainless Steel Pot

It’s a well-known fact that I start every morning off with a nice hot cup of chai. My hubby has come to enjoy his cup of morning chai as well. Chai is something I will never get tired of and often have it in the afternoon too, despite the LA heat ....more

Spicy Avocado Toast

Did you guys know that my #twinsie Karishma from The Mess I Make was featured on Food 52′s instagram!? How cool is that!! Karishma’s photogenic photo was enough to inspire me to make my own version of avocado toast for my hubby (I’m mildly allergic to avocado – but that’s another story for another time) ....more

Our First Oversized Art!

Decorating your first home is most definitely a marathon, not a sprint. One year after purchasing our condo, my hubby & I finally splurged and purchased our first piece of oversized art (30×45 to be exact) and had it custom framed! Our ceilings are 10 feet and our living & dining room is one big room so getting a large piece of art was the best way to fill up the space (and it’s still not completely full!) ....more

The Coastal by Rissa Sandman

I absolutely love etsy. I find so many unique hand-crafted goods which are the perfect accents for our condo. I especially love anything that has gold & white since those are our base accents ....more

How to not lose your wedding ring!!

If you’re like me, you don’t wear your wedding ring 24-7. When I’m relaxing, I like to take off all my jewelry, especially my earrings which always pinch the back of my ears and my wedding ring which gets super tight in the LA heat. I never understand how some girls sleep with all of their jewelry on ....more

A Blue Apron Experiment: Vegan Chickpea Burgers

I’ve been hearing about so many meal-kit services lately but haven’t tried any, although I did buy a box from Saffron Fix recently. My friend Rupa Badlani told me that she’d been experimenting with Blue Apron and that so far, although it took longer than expected, the recipes turned out good. Since Blue Apron posts all of its recipes online, I decided to try out a few recipes on my own ....more