I survived a shiner on my 'giner and you can, too

WARNING: There are no photos of this.  Just inappropriate words and descriptions.  If you are my dad or pastor, you probably want to close this page now.'Giner Shiners.They happen.Pretty much every week on a derby track near you. It has happened to me. More than once.Because I have no shame or dignity left I'm going to speak candidly in order to help others who find themselves in this unexpected (and painful) predicament....more

And the Crowd in the Rink Goes Wild...

Okay, not really, but we did end practice by shouting "Reckless!" as we broke the huddle (Thanks for throwing that out there, Louie!). Can I just say that: 1)....more
I can't wait to try out for Derby next year! The support of one another is amazing.more

The Reckless Guide to Slumber Party Survival

I have hosted two slumber parties at my home in so many weeks. With two girls, I have held many, many more slumber parties over the years and could not begin to count the sleepovers with one or two friends. And then, I have taken fifteen girls camping in tents. Slept in a museum with another bunch. Counseled a group of ten for a week at summer camp. I have survived. Thus far. Barely....more