Depression, Doritos, and Loathing Life.

So, its been over a month since I last blogged. I'm truly sorry. It's been, and still is very hectic. I've been really depressed as well, and so unmotivated to complain about how shitty I feel my life is. I have taken the steps to move cross country in attempt to regain some semblance of who I used to be, and who I want to be. I am eager to leave, yet very meloncholy about the entire thing. I just don't know how to feel sometimes. As some who have read me before already know, I am engaged, have been for over 2 years now, and am due to get married in another 2 years. ...more

Reality Bites

So, if you have read my previous blogs, you know that I have a brain tumor that causes the condition known as Acromegaly, and that I will be having brain surgery to remove it within two weeks. I am engaged, to the most amazing man, who has an amazing family as well. We met almost 4 years ago, have been dating for three, and engaged for two. He is no doubt the love of my life, and we mean the world to eachother. We originally started to plan a medium/largish kind of classic wedding, the kind that pretty much every woman dreams of. ...more

This type of wedding and reception brunch sounds grand!  I love the idea. I love dmy wedding ...more

Brain Surgery

Today my Neurosurgeon's (Dr. Rosenblum) office phoned me to tell me that they had finally gotten me an appointment to see the former Chief of Neurourgery at Mt. Sinai, Dr. Post, on Tuesday, the 28th, as in next week. Well this is good news mostly. If you read my previoud post you will know I suffer from Acromegaly due to a pituitary macroadenoma (Brain Tumor), and that I need to have surgery to remove it, and then radiation to further treat it. Well, my mother lives in Colorado, so she decided to call Dr. ...more


I am 25 years old, and I have been diagnosed with a tumor on my pituitary gland, a brain tumor. As a result of my tumor, I have also been diagnosed with Acromegaly. This story starts about five years ago in 2003 when I had a seizure, this prompted a CT scan which was the first image of a small pea sized blip on my pituitary. ...more