Gluten-Free, Seasonal Dessert: Drunken Fig Clafoutis

Figs spell summer and are found on virtually every wayside here in Malta. A nutritious food for "free" that I just couldn't turn down. This classic French clafoutis is perfect for summer fruits. This version is gluten-free and with its nip of Vin Santo (or other dessert wine as you fancy), it becomes a rather special number to grace summer dinner tables. Image: Courtesy of The Red Bistro ...more
Thanks so much. I am trying to eat right for my blood type and I am an "O". Figs are on my list ...more

Christmas quick and easy dessert: Amaretti & Lemon Trifle

With the countdown to Christmas now well and truly under way, time seems ever more tight. A dessert that can be rustled up early in the day and look after itself til serving is ideal. This was what I had in mind when I created this Amaretti and lemon dessert or ‘trifle’; all do-able very easily from some ready-made ingredients and five minutes with a whisk. ...more