My Son Has a Super Power

My son has a superpower. He is invisible. Most disabled people are, you know. They are born with it, alongside twisted limbs or broken minds. My son, he can't walk, or talk, or eat. He can't hear and he will never fly. But He is invisible. You may not have seen him. But he saw you. ...more

Thank you for sharing this. It's sad, isn't it. I've never understood why people are so ...more

Taming the Forest: What to Do About Armpit Hair?

I can't raise my arms. You see, I have a small problem. It's a hairy situation, really, what with the forest of growth developing in the pits of darkness. I've got furry armpits. ...more
I am cracking up right now. Good for you for standing up and posting a picture of your fuzzy ...more