The Ghost in the stairwell

I have never told this story before, I suppose because I have never witnessed a sighting, or in this case I have never heard her. When I bought this house, I think about six years ago now...there was some weird stuff. I mean other than the water that continually plagues us here. I mean haunting stuff, some disturbing stuff...especially if you have creative imaginations like we all do. We have a room downstairs, the guest room. I know it sounds normal, and well it is now. But then, not so much. You see it had a lock on the door. On the outside. ...more

When he just isn't good enough...

We have all been there, done that. It's either you, or one of your friends. They either tell you when it's happening and you ignore it, or they don't when they should have. It is 12 months later and you are like... "What the hell??? Why didn't you tell me this was going nowhere?" Like you would have listened anyway. You wouldn't have. ...more

Dear Italian Neighbours

I think we need to talk. Literally. Apparently writing you a note that very clearly asked you to get control of your dogs, didn't do the trick. They are still barking like mad. Here are a few tips for you while you live here...just so you know. 1. It's called animal cruelty to tie your dogs up to a tree for five hours and leave them there. Especially when they are wrapped around said tree with the rope. 2. It is disrespectful to everyone around you, that you let your dogs bark all day long. 3. Don't get any more pets. You have no idea how to look after them. ...more

I see you talking the talk...

But I ain't feel you walking the walk. I have to say I am done and pretty much gone. Why is it that people need to take other people's power away in order to make themselves feel more powerful?? Why is it that it always takes me longer than is good to get that? I mean how many times do you take that kicked in the gut feeling before it's like...enough already? Well for me that day was yesterday. I woke up with some insight, with some clarity and just knowing that everything I have been pushing away, everything I was thinking was all in my head...actually wasn't. ...more

Really facebook...bite me.

It's a funny thing. The advertising on facebook. The very day that I changed my relationship status to single I was inundated with pictures of gorgeous, rich, single men that just wanted to date mature women. No young women wanted. First off, just bite me because. Not only are you pissing me off by saying I am old, you are false advertising by saying that the gorgeous guys you put in those pictures for the mature dating sights actually exist. Well my friends...I am calling BULLLLLSHIT. Seriously look at these guys... ...more

Healing from the shame and guilt of rape...

This is a blog I never thought I would write. It is actually nothing I have even said out loud to many people in my life. I just want to say now, that this post is in no way about sympathy or attention. I want neither. I do want women who have lived through the same thing, to know they are not alone. You are not the only one out there who has sucked it in forever, who has felt guilty, even when you know deep inside none of it was your fault. ...more
@John___ I am sorry for what happened to you as well, no one deserves to be abused, ever. I hope ...more

Your shoes smell like piss, and why is it snowing?

Ya. That is the kind of day it was today. I woke up to a beautiful sunrise, fresh hot coffee in my cup and it rapidly went awry from there. My oldest son had a wee hissy fit. We are all entitled, but it never ceases to amaze me how much he is like his father when he does that. That's my freaking story, shut up. Once his ass finally left my house... in a raginglateforworkeventhoughIworkatnoontizzy... it took me a while to get the good groove back. ...more

The lonely part of single...

I woke up this morning, and didn't really feel like getting out of bed. That is part of the problem with having a seasonal job. I find there are days when I have no plans, and it gets easy to fall into the rut of not leaving my house. Don't get me wrong, I have lots to do at home. I have soap to make, presents to build and crocheting to do. But there comes a point where being alone that much isn't healthy. Well for me anyways. ...more

Drama "less"...

Donna, what if I told you that your every conflict, disappointment, struggle or challenge, with others or yourself, was merely a manifestation of what's going on within your own thinking... would you go there first to fix, mend, and allay? Yeah, you might miss the drama. The Universe. This was my morning message from the Universe today :) Fairly appropriate at this point in my life. ...more

Internet dating advice for boys...

Some of my online friends have been internet dating...I again want to say good luck with that. I have opted out of the internet dating scene due to bad choices and preferring to be single for the rest. of. my. life. rather than try it again... But since I adore all you girls that are giving it a whirl, I thought I might try and help the boys out a little bit while filling in their profiles, so here is my advice's good advice, take it...really. All the examples I am using are from real life profiles ... be afraid. ...more