Big Trees

Jason loves trees. ...more

Driving Down Highway 1

We were supposed to go to Yosemite National Park. ...more

San Francisco

Lombard Street It's hard to take a photo of Lombard Street, but we did drive it! Riding the Cable Car--Jason's awesome aunt and her super sweet husband drove up from Southern California and spent a few days with us! ...more

Americans Need to Think

The last few days have had me thinking a lot about my political views and where I stand on a lot of issues. ...more

eCubed Teen Scene

We are very fortunate to live near Princeton, New Jersey....more

For All of You Who Hate to Travel

I am not a traveler. ...more

Skyping with My Girls' Favorite Author!

I have been enjoying not blogging. ...more

A Conscious Decision

I am such an all or nothing person....more

Our Tentative Plan for High School

I live in New Jersey, where there is no regulation on home education. ...more

Laugh Factory Library Program

Over the summer, I realized that the K-3rd graders in my program LOVE to tell jokes and funny stories, so I decided to create a fall program with that in mind!Silly Story - In the past in my programs, we have used the whiteboard to write silly stories together and the kids love it!...more