Twenty Days Done, Ten Days to Go in NaBloPoMo

So far I've made a post a day for National Blog Posting Month for 20 days.  Here is my latest post. Bows and Arrows and Other Pointy things. I do hope you'll browse through and read posts that catch your eye. And since I don't have to go out of town for Thanksgiving, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to blog all thirty days....more

Lost on Blogher

It all started when I sent my new blog here to my boyfriend.  He pointed out right away that my 'blog' doesn't look like a blog. Yeah, sure, I'm posting daily here for NaBloPoMo, but I don't have a 'page' with a background, and branding and a logo like I do on all my 70+ blogs on Blogger. To make matters worse, I just found my blog roll number has changed. It's now 305, not 319, and I've spent the last five days sending everyone to 319. Not only that but the article I wrote about the dozen blogs I'm following will now have different numbers on those blogs as well....more
Thanks for your help. I went ahead and restarted my blog here: ...more

Wood Arrows Photo Essay

It looks like a storm is headed our way so our event plans for tomorrow are cancelled. It's an 80% chance of rain in Long Beach. We still have arrows to work on, so I'll be out in the garage for a while. Here are some photos of what it looks like to make horn nocked arrows.  The black part is water buffalo horn. These will be arrows with buffalo horn nocks. ...more
interesting! Great talent displayed, in your art of creating and capture with photos!more

Following Other Bloggers on NaBloPoMo

Yesterday I wrote an article about Nablopomo and decided to follow about a dozen other bloggers.  After all, it's way more fun for people when they get comments and they are less likely to drop out. If you want to see who I am following, the list is at the bottom of this page: Bloggers...more

Props For Burlesque Or Boudoir Photo Shoots & Shows

 To follow in the theme of yesterday’s article Making A Burlesque Costume For Practically Nothing I’m going to share with you some ideas about props you can get on the cheap or modify or make yourself....more
I loved my boudoir experience! Here's my blog post about ...more

Making A Burlesque Costume For Practically Nothing

Hip wrap with fringe and coins.  More photos on page 2. Let me start with saying I'm a big beautiful woman, so buying this off the rack just isn't going to happen for me. I have to modify everything anyway so why not make it myself in my favorite colors?...more

And Then The Dog Ate My Homework

I had just written my first official post for Nablopomo, with a photo and everything.  But it looks like it failed to upload and disappeared entirely.I'm number 319 on the list, which is good, but my blog link wasn't working, which is bad. I had a feeling I did the url wrong when I signed up.  But even with the right url, I kept trying to get back to my page and it just wouldn't work until maybe the third or fourth try....more
@Denise Sadly, that was my first post to blogher, not my first post to NaBloPoMo. The one that ...more

Getting Ready for NaBloPoMo

I found the blog roll here: Nablopomo and I'm not on it yet.  I understand it takes a while to appear so I'm not too worried.  I won't know if I registered my blog right unless it shows up on the list. If you see the name Redquill show up please let me know what number I am. It will help me to find it on the list which is almost to 300 already. I've never made a blog on Blogher before so I have 3 days to practice before the official start of this year's Noblopomo....more

First Post

Right now I'm poking around the site trying to find out how to do an official NaBloPoMo blog. I must have signed up for it years ago when I was doing Nanowrimo. And now it's moved over here, or so sayeth my email from them. But I think by making this blog and then signing up for that one, I may have inadvertantly started two new projects, not one.  Sigh. I'll get it squared away before Nov. 1 I hope....more