Daily Vibe - How to avoid being run over by the wheel of fortune

Do you understand that the Wheel of Fortune moves when it is ready?Can you spot the signs that the wheel is moving in your direction - like a whole bunch of changes happening at once?Do you keep yourself ready to make the big leap?...more

Daily Vibe - Dealing with blow-back

Step 1 - Get past your hang-upsStep 2 - Decide what will make you the happiest, and decide to do it.Step 3 - Get ready for some blow-back from some people who don't like your decision.Ignore - rinse - repeat as necessary...more

Daily Vibe - Dreams without works are DOA - three questions

Do you have dashing, daring plans to change your future?Do you dream about them while doing nothing concrete to make it happen?Then do you wonder why things are not moving in the right direction?I think there might be a pattern there......more

Daily Vibe - Three questions about our annoying self-talk...

Are you hung up on your inner-thoughts, like worry?Do you realize that you CAN break in through to your mind and stop that process?Do you realize that once you conquer these thought patterns, you own your world?Seriously......more