A humorous take on my own worse habit

Dear Regina,Why oh why did you fall asleep on the couch! Again! Like all the nights this week. And last week. And the week before....more
Good Points also ..believe it or not try planking for a minute ( or 6 10 second intervals ) to ...more

House and Home Edition: Is Your Sink Shiny?

Like most people, there are certain things that come naturally to me and others that don't.Like keeping my house neat.  Now the cat's out the bag!I envy those people whose houses are always so neat. Photos they post on social media show stunning House and Home houses and I wonder where I've gone wrong. I don't post photos taken inside my house because I'm worried that you'll judge me harshly. My house is certainly not House and Home. Or maybe their house is not House and Home but they keep a special corner in the house neat all the time for photo opportunities....more

Resolutions vs. Setting Goals - What's the Difference?

The quick answer to the question is:Resolutions and goals are seen as different but should be one and the same.Now that we have that out of the way, I also want to put it out there that I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. They make no sense to me. Why set a few resolutions once a year which many times are short-lived, instead of setting real goals and reviewing them often...hmmm...?...more
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What I Learnt By Participating In NaNoWriMo

Writing 1 667 words a day for 30 days seems easy right? I could do this!Especially because when I get going I can easily do a 850 word blog post without realising it. Then I spend more time trimming and editing to 500 words or less, because, I am told, people get bored with long posts....more

Lives Unravelled, Some Secrets Revealed

Those of you who know me might remember the story of how my family came to be split between two continents. Reading “The Day I Left” will help contextualise this post. Clothes, shoes, books, papers,Poems, stories, novels, articles. Photos, family, memories, soul,Love.  Tangible and un-lasting. Intangible and lasting. Beyond the present....more

Summer where art thou?

This is rather topical because in South Africa we are in the middle of Winter. It is not a cold Winter by many people’s standards. We have blue cloudless skies, and on most days we can sit in the sun between 10am and 3pm in shirt sleeves. It is dry though. The grass is brown. Early morning frost burns tender leaves. Evenings are characterised by the haze of veld fires. ...more

A Room With a View

The car sped through the narrow road, dodging oncoming traffic and narrowly missing cars in front it... and the kerbside. The driver, my late cousin's boyfriend drove, maniacally, totally unaware of the havoc he was causing in the nervous system of its passengers.He was driving completely unsafely, blissfully unaware of road signs and the white middle line dividing the road into 2 lanes. Hooters sounded and he carried on talking, a non-stop narrative of the history of the countryside and its attractions....more

Are they inspired to be better than us?

When I entered high school (I went to an all-girls school), the least useful subject was Guidance (it’s now called Life Orientation). It was supposed to guide us in things not related to academics.Imagine my surprise when the 1st lesson of Grade 8 was the screening of a grainy black and white movie of a woman giving birth. There was no introduction or preamble or anything approximating sex education.What message do you think was being given to us by the department of education in all its wisdom?...more

3 reasons I leave a comment

Leaving a comment is like putting oneself out there. There’s nothing anonymous about comments, in fact bloggers and most sites don’t like anonymous comments and don’t allow it either. Someone wanting to leave a comment either has to register, have a comment already approved, or input their email address or website URL. ...more

Comments oh! comments!

I’ve missed blogging in the last 2 days so with this post I hope catch up on the editorial calendar. Day 4‘s assignment topic was: Are there sections online that I refuse to read? Day 5’s assignment topic was: Would you read a personal blog without a comment section? How do you feel when a comment section is closed? This post combines the two. ...more
nomorenicegirl It sure is more interesting now :-), things have certainly changed. Thank you ...more