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Hump Day

No. Get your mind out of the gutter. ...more

The Change of Life

Flashes. No, not hot flashes, though I mean those, too. Flashes. All sorts. Sleeplessness. Leaving space not only for fatigue but for increased liminal space, the space in which ideas blossom and messages slide right in like a lover surprising you by sliding into the airplane seat next to you at the last minute. Moods. ...more

Murder and Other Shortcomings

  I kill plants. ...more

I See Little Green People

What you are about to read is true. None of the names have been changed to protect the innocent. I swear. ...more

Mom to a Bungee Junkie - It's Carnival Season!

Carnival season has returned to New England. Same time, same carnival, same weekend-time-slot, different location.Saw the first one from the highway yesterday, went last night, well, because I have a child that simply MUST jump on the Vertical Reality bungee jump thing. Every year. It's a staple.We rode, we saw, we won a penguin.And I saw something that cracked me up but good, and, of course, as these things will do, inspired last night's blog post. ...more

Running Away to Join the Circus

There comes a time, at least for people like me (if there are indeed, other people like me, which the jury is still out on), when you have to get creative about what you're going to do to pay the rent (and the cable bill, because, well, life isn't worth living without old movies, re-runs of reality shows, and the science channel). Because you know, not to be too gloomy or anything, life is short. Or at the very least, its length is unpredictable. ...more

Does "We Can't Help It!" sound like pride to you?

Hmm.  And again, I say:  Hmm.    ...more

Is That Your Final Answer?

I think it's time for a new game show. It won't cost much, the sets are already done. I'm sure they'd loan 'em out. ...more