Bringing Caregivers to the Forefront

My life has been quite a ride so far. There have been ups and downs. Thinking I'd heard the worst news possible when finding out my oldest son had Autism years ago, I really couldn't have imagined what would happen to my second son in the spring of 2004. ...more

“It's also interesting to reflect on the fact that the healthy and employed don't always stay ...more

New to blogher, happy to be here...

Hi there, I just started my blog about being an American infidel, a mommy, and a writer (while reflecting on religion in politics and culture) in December. I'm glad for a community like blogher and am looking forward to reading up on everyone's postings! All the best, Kim Kim Mance ...more

You totally should, I'm loving it so far (moved here last month). And there's a great monthly more

Denouncing Obama's Pastor But Promoting Jesus

Religion, race and gender are still front and center in this election, albeit the latter two have trumped most media coverage lately. But let's not forget that every single one of our presidential candidates have unabashedly pandered to Christian voters this election. ...more