Knicks Kicked--for $10 million

I cheered to myself this morning when I heard that the jury had awarded Anucha Brown Sanders $10 million dollars in her sexual harassment suit against Isaiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden. In her press conference yesterday she said something like, "I brought the suit for all working women." I was struck by the irony that this suit was settled the same week that Clarence Thomas is back in the news, saying that Anita Hill's description of his illegal sexualized behavior was false. ...more

Finally - Plain Talk from Church Leaders on Teen Sex

Today the Religious Institute is releasing a new "Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Adolescent Sexuality." It's the first multifaith theological framework calling for religious institutions to recognize adolescent sexual rights and to assist them in discerning their readiness for mature relationships. ...more

I totally applaud this and will look to see who among the mainstream religious community are ...more