Don’t Miss Your Own Dinner Party by Trying to Do it All

When I was in my thirties I worked way too hard at my own dinner parties. I really did try to do everything myself. I’d say in the last 10 years I’ve learned a better rhythm to serving my guests, when I realized that I was missing out ....more

Is Inviting Dinner Guests into Your Home Hospitality or an Obligation?

Since I love to entertain, I get asked this all the time: Do we always invite the same people over for dinner, or do we change it up and invite new faces? Both! ...more

Game Day Turkey, Pesto, Onion & Cheese Poppyseed Sliders

Last weekend we hosted 16 for the football game playoffs! We had a blast, ate good food, and enjoyed a beautiful sunny day in the Rogue Valley! (You can still enter to win $100 Coca Cola package, here.!) That’s Maddy. Go – 49ers! ...more

Coca-Cola Big Game Ad $100 #Giveaway

When I think of the Super Bowl, a few things come to mind besides the actual game, drinks and food! That would be the commercials! This year, our family is rooting for the 49ers. Go 49ers! ...more

Using Fatsia Japonica Leaves for a Tabletop Display

This time of year I’m always looking for something to cheer up my home, make it fresh and … well, I wish I could say “summery.” ...more

Fresh Hot Jalapeños Poppers Recipe for Super Bowl Sunday

Fresh Hot Jalapeños Poppers are little bites of BIG flavor ....more

Delicious Carrot Souffle Side Dish Recipe

When the kids were younger, we always had family sit-down dinners on Martin Luther King’s birthday weekend, and my husband would read out loud about the life of MLK –Let the Trumpet Sound and Strength to Love. It was beautiful and challenging as our family would learn–a little more each year– about love and courage ....more

DIY Target $100 Office Space

January has always been a time for me to get organized in my home. I love this month because it feels new and makes me want to embrace who I really am ....more

The Sweetness of Babies Around the Dinner Table

Babies are the sweetness of life. My friend sent me this photo of me and this precious one, and I just couldn’t help but write out my thoughts about babies. What do they have to do with hospitality? A lot! ...more