remabulous address change!

please note to all the wonderful bloggers i met this weekend at blogher07: hosting is on the fritz and until further notice, will be found at: it was amazing to meet and connect with so many of you and i didn't want to lose the chance to continue the conversation. thank you for all you shared! caroline donahue ...more

positively addictive blog

i have a new obsession. i love the site Link Textdecor8 this site is like a little goody bag on a daily basis, where i hear about original design items, can find unique places to buy gifts, and get constant feedback about new ways to organize and decorate my home. author holly becker does the travelling for you as she hops from design conference to conference to cities i now want to visit, like berlin. ...more

I was just reading this one earlier today. I agree, more

remabulous: fabulous; remarkably so

hello all- i am very excited to find out about blogher as i have been working on my own blog project and am eager to connect with everyone here. i am sad to have just missed the last conference. it sounds like it was a rewarding experience. ...more