Valentine's Day Mantel with Ombre Tissue Paper Heart

Hi friends,This is one of the reasons I like to decorate for Valentine's day: ...more

DIY - Board and Batten

After finishing work in my dining room, I ended up with a very messy living room. Christmas was just two days away, and I didn't want to have this room in that kind of disarray for the holiday.So, of course, tools and stuff were removed and the wooden planks got in. The baseboards were long gone! ...more

Farmhouse Dining Table Makeover

Hey there, Has it been hard for you to go back to your regular routine after the holidays? ...more

Happy New Year!

Hi friends,I've been MIA these past few days, I've been taking some time off from blogging, social media, and projects. I was trying to be more present here in my home and with my family during this holiday season. However, before the year comes to a close, I wanted to share this small project with you all.We usually don't celebrate the arrival of a new year, but when I found …Continue Reading ...more

Top Ten of 2016

Hi Friends,It's that time of year again, time to look back at all we did during 2016, and see what worked, what didn't, and learn and prepare for the year ahead.As usual, I compiled the projects that I created during this year, that got the most views. There are a couple of surprises, but overall, they're projects that I loved working on and I'm glad many of you enjoyed.So, let's start at number 10. The final project to be completed this year ....more

Christmas Mantel

Ha, this was one of those projects that I started right on time, but for lots of reasons, it got relegated to being one of the last ones to be finished. It was just yesterday, five days before Christmas, when I looked at this area and thought... C'mon, I cannot …Continue Reading ...more

A Visit to Annapolis, MD

Hey there, As I told you over on Instagram...more

A Farmhouse Table & The Holiday Tablescape Tour

It looks like I can't get enough of this room! ...more

Rustic Christmas Trees

Hey there,I'm finally able to sit down to put this post together. I've been most of all in a big cleaning mode, but I've been also decorating, DIY-ing, and doing the rest of the household chores, all at the same time. Kind of boring, who likes to clean? ...more

DIY - Big Farmhouse Wall Art for Under $30

Hi friends,Thanks so much for all your kind comments on my previous post, they really made my week!I was so tired after completing the entire dining room project, that on Tuesday afternoon, after the post went live and I updated some links, I went to take a nap.Yep. I hardly ever take naps, but my body really needed some rest. The funny thing is, …Continue Reading ...more