Rustic Christmas Mantel

The mantel is usually the first place I decorate for the new season.Well, this year, it wasn't.The first holiday decorations were added to this space right HERE....more

Advent Calendar

Hi Friends,I've been working like a tiny elf decking the halls of our home, and you know what? ...more

A Few of my Favorite Things

Happy Monday everyone! Are you excited about Thanksgiving this week? I am! ...more

Sphere Chandelier for the Dining Room

Hey there! I've been busy working on my son's room, building the shelves. Well, I've been cutting wood and putting things together in the garage....more

Christmas Front Porch with Boxwood Wreath Trio

This post is #sponsored by The Home Depot Christmas is right around the corner, y'all. Annnd I'm so excited!For some of you it might be a bit too early to start Christmas decorating but remember, it's never too early to start thinking or getting ideas to decorate your home for the holidays.I'm SO happy and honored to be part of this,The Home Depot DIY Virtual Party, where a bunch of bloggers got together to give a Christmas Wreath Trio their own spin, just like in our inspiration below. I had so much fun Christmas shopping at The Home Depot, choosing the wreaths, ribbon, and all the extra accessories I needed for my project.As soon as I saw these Martha Stewart Real and Faux Boxwood Wreaths I knew they were the ones I wanted ....more

Built-ins Around the Bed Frame - First Part

Well, I'm finally back at my son's room!It's taking me forever to complete this room but, it's almost done. I'm slow...And most of the time I'm working on so many different things at the same time that I just can't help it.It goes very s-l-o-w-l-y.Add to the equation that there are many things that have to be done and they don't add much to the progress...Like, …Continue Reading ...more

DIY - Wooden Planters

Hi friends!Last week I packed away all the Fall decor and organized the basement a tiny bit, only to make a bigger mess during the weekend!Yep, I had an organized basement for just a couple of days. During the weekend I began unpacking the Christmas bins and boxes and began bringing stuff upstairs. Now I not only have a messy basement, the whole house is complete chaos!The bedrooms upstairs have been in complete dismay for a few months already, it always happens when one room is in renovation ....more

10 Farmhouse Christmas Ornaments

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm going to spend my weekend in the garden, as I told you on my previous post, digging out the geraniums and bringing them inside for the winter. But.. ....more

How to Winter Geraniums by Making them go Dormant

It was last year, about this same time, the first or second week of November, when I was going to get rid of the geraniums that adorned my front porch during Summer. But then, I remembered reading on a magazine that these are one of the plants we can …Continue Reading ...more

DIY - Plywood Floors

The planks were all done and ready to be installed. You can check how they were finish in my previous post right HERE. The first part, even before bringing the planks to the room, is to clean the sub-floor ....more